Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Windows 7 is Officially Launch In Malaysia * Plaza Low Yat*

The long waited Windows 7 is finally launched in malaysia .... in plaza lowyat from 2nd of nov till 8th of nov 2009 . the all new windows 7 consist of windows 7 starter , basic , premium , professional , enterprise , and ultimate . during this promotion in lowyat , you all can have special price not to mention purchase with purchase promotion like discount on wireless mouse and keyboard .
im personally using windows 7 enterprise and windows 7 professional and i can honestly tell you all , ICHIBANG !!!! means great . the respond is fast , all those nosy security poping up to ask ur permission for this and that from previous vista is all gone ,faster start up , use less RAM , alot more feature like screensaver wallpaper , easy install as it contain most of the drives for your hardware and so much more . want to know more ? can come to low yat before end of this week , or get one copy of windows 7 for yourself .

Nice balloon ........

Promotion ground

well , i didnt took alot of picture or detail as i need to work . well , for more information , come down and see for yourself . who knows , maybe you'll get something you like at a cheaper price .

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