Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hacker in Facebook !

Hello to everyone out there who is using facebook account ...
I personally encounter a hacker ......
this case happened few weeks before ..... where a friend of mine , ( I call him MR A )
He is actually my high school junior , where we meet at work and never chat in facebook chat .....
One night , as usual , when i was online facebook , MR A suddenly pop up in the facebook chat , saying "Hi"
then come along with a link ( too bad i forget already the exact link add but it end up with some blogspot thing .COM ) then as usual , i always ask the sender what is the link , so that i can confirmed that it is not some BOT or Viruses who send themself to all contact ( well , im working in IT line , always encounter viruses and worms ) . To my surprise , MR A account reply me . the conversation is something like this :

ME : yo dude , wat is tat link ?
MR A : its some world recycle thing . click to support
ME : oh ?! ok ok ... i try check check !

Then , i click on the link , which another windows pop up , showing EXACT FACEBOOK LOG IN PAGE ! Same as below !!!

The weird thing i noticed ;
 1st - i click the link when i log in facebook chat .... why it still ask me to log in again ?
2nd - the address on the bar is not FACEBOOK but other ( Which i forget already )
3rd - i copy the link and search in google , no document or page found !

Because of all that , i noticed it was a spam / virus / hacker / worm
so , i reply back to MR A that the link he send got suspicious thing . and warn him not to click !

Me : wei , the link got prob la , it ask me for username n password but i already log in to facebook
MR A : oh ? really ?
Me : yaya , then i search the google oso cant find this link . i think its a virus or something
MR A : oh , ya ? thank u thank u .

after that , i didn't take it anything special , just continue Facebook-ing !

After 2 days from this encounter , i saw MR A ( the real MR A ) in person at work .

Me : Dude , wat link did u send to me oh ?! virus izzit ?!
MR A : har ?! when did i send to u ?! where oh ?
Me : Facebook la .... tat nite u chat wit me then send me link
MR A : which facebook account oh ? my old account kena hack liaw la .......
Me : har ?! but there is ppl reply me wor ..... chatting wit me for awhile
MR A : har ?! not me lor

After that , i explain the whole thing to him ( Just like above ) and then he too told me he did enter the username / email and password after clicking the page then the following day he cant log in to his account !
So , i told him to report to facebook bout his account being hack !

well , the damage is done and no one know what else this hacker done to it ...... ( nothing special in facebook account especially no cash involved )

Im sharing this posting with the hope that everyone should be careful when opening link , typing password and username on the unknown link , especially on MSN and facebook look alike . DO NOT REVEAL ANY IMPORTANT USERNAME AND PASSWORD ONLINE NO MATTER WHAT !!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FIFA World Cup Trophy is in Malaysia !

Great news to all Football Die Hard Fans .
As everyone know , this year will be the 2010 FIFA World Cup Championship ! And all the best countries in the world will show their best to get the tittle of WORLD CHAMPION along with the Trophy !

This Trophy is awarded to the winning nation at each tournament, where it measures 36.8cm high, weighs 6.175kg and is made of 18-carat gold with a base of semi-precious malachite. The winner retains it until the next tournament and is then given a replica that is gold-plated. The bottom of the trophy bears the year and name of each FIFA World Cup winner since 1974 .

For one day only, the trophy will be on display at Mid Valley Convention Centreon 29 Jan 2010 from 10am to 10pm.
This is thanks to COCA COLA , we all will be able to see it with our own eyes where it will continue to travel to other countries !
Beginning its journey from the FIFA headquarters on Sept 21, 2009, it will travel around the world before arriving in the host country of South Africa on May 4.
The trophy will travel a total distance of 134,017km, more than three times the Earth’s circumference.

Wondering how to get the passes ?!
Passes for the event can be obtained with the purchase of a McDonald’s Prosperity Burger Meal at restaurants in the Klang Valley, as long as stocks last.
Alternatively, fans can visit the Coke booth at the east atrium of Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur, on Jan 28 and 29 to purchase 2x1.5L bottles and get a chance to spin a wheel to win the WCTT tickets or Coke premiums.
So , don't miss your chances to see the trophy yourself ! LIVE !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy ( Updated )

Hello Hello ..... since the movie is so interesting , im here to give more detail about this movie , Tooth Fairy !

 Tooth Fairy ( FOX )

Director : Michael Lembeck
Story by : Jim Piddock
Screenplay by : Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel and Joshua Sternin & Jeffery Ventimilia and Randi Mayem Singer
Producers : Jason Blum , Mark Ciardi , Gordon Gray
Cast : Dwayne Johnson , Ashley Judd , and Julie Andrews , Stephen Merchant , Ryan Sheckler
Genre : Family Comedy

Plot :
Dwayne ( The rock ) is " the tooth fairy " also known as Derek Thompson , a hard-charging hockey player whose nickname comes from his habit of separating opposing players from their bicuspids . When derek discourages a lady girls dreams about the Fairy world , he's sentenced to one week's hard labor as a real tooth fairy to complete with the requisite tutu , wings and magic wand ( which he have to believe to make it work ) . At first , Derek "can't handle the tooth" ( hard to complete his task ) , bumbling and stumbling as he tries to furtively wing his way through stranger's homes , doing what tooth fairies do . But as Derek slowly adapts to his new position , he begins to rediscover his own forgotten dreams .

I include some of the screenshot of the movies for you all =)

Tooth fairy with his love one ........

New tooth fairy outfit !

The commander a.k.a fairy mum

Well my friends , this is really a funny movie which made me laugh from start till it ends ....
So , faster go and grab the movie tickets . Tooth Fairy , Only in Cinemas !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tooth Fairy Movie Screening

Just came back from the movie Tooth Fairy .... !! Wow , the movie is hilarious ...... !! Good job for all the actor for the good show ! Well , im not good in the rating scale but i will surely give a thumb UP for this movie !! So ... faster go go go and watch this movie and rate it yourself !

Want to know more about this movie , Click HERE for Flashback !!!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tiger Woohoo Movie

WooHoo !!!! A Local Made Movie with alot of familiar faces and voices from local artists .
Well , from what i see from this movie , woohoo is not a shout like yeeha , yeah or etc , it mean five tiger "wu fu" or  ' mou fu in cantonese ' and the movie is about a tradition in a village who perform a TIGER dance ( not the thailand type ya ) , similar to the dragon and lion dance .

Synopsis : tiger dance or woohoo is a tradition practiced in a small village (Beserah, Kuantan) during a prayer ceremony every 60 years. As the only elder who knows "Woohoo" can no longer perform, his filial granddaughter put up a misleading advertisement which in turn attracts five youngsters from different backgrounds - bad-tempered bank security man Ah Beng, indecisive Char Kuey Teow hawker Ah Huat, effeminate designer Rain, university student Bobby and smart alec Alan - to be trained as 'woohoo' players. After some tough training, they finally look like a formidable team. However, few days before the anticipated festival day, the only 'tiger head' is accidentally destroyed by the mischievous kids in the village. Well , want to know how it ends , do go and watch for yourself .

For more info :

And for me , i find this movie is quite funny and worth to watch .......and tomorrow i will go for the Tooth Fairy Premiere Screening ..... at 1U . Well , to all those who will be going for the Tooth Fairy event too tomorrow , see you all there !!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Flyover At Hang Tuah / Dewan Bahasa is now open !

Hello Hello ........ just want to share with everyone that the new flyover located in Hang Tuah LRT to Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka is now open for business ! =)
Not sure where ?! Refer to the map below .

Starting from A to B and likewise . So , please start to use it so that we can  help to ease the traffic which is something often happened at the traffic light at Bomba .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Toothfairy Movie Premiere Screening

Greetings to everyone , i've just received the 1st treat from Nuffnang this year , Premiere Screening of Tooth Fairy ! Well , if you haven't read my contest blog or have forget what i did to earn this tickets , feel free to click HERE to read read =)
Well , lets read again about this movie !


Dwayne Johnson is “The Tooth Fairy,” also known as Derek Thompson, a hard-charging hockey player whose nickname comes from his habit of separating opposing players from their bicuspids. When Derek discourages a youngster’s dreams, he’s sentenced to one week’s hard labor as a real tooth fairy, complete with the requisite tutu, wings and magic wand. At first, Derek “can’t handle the tooth” – bumbling and stumbling as he tries to furtively wing his way through strangers’ homes…doing what tooth fairies do. But as Derek slowly adapts to his new position, he begins to rediscover his own forgotten dreams.

The Premiere Screening is on 25th January 2010 at TGV 1U .
Thanks again to Nuffnang and Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia for giving me the invites . Looking forward for more comedy and acting from THE ROCK !

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

‘Why I Like It Longer’

LG is back with another nice great sexy seductive hot handphone , LG Chocolate ( yum yum ) BL40 . Its a first of its kind for me , because it come with a long 4 inch screen with full touch screen function and equipt with 5.0 MP camera ( nice for me as i like to take alot alot of pictures ) , not to mention it even come with  multi touch function features that offers the best in finger-friendly 3D graphics , with faster respond , easy accessibility . The design is so sleek that i can easily keep the HP eveywhere i want ( yes , everywhere , hohoho )
Well , this phone is surely something i like , and i like it LONGER ... why ?! haha .... from all the previous HP i used , biggest screen display is 3 inch and not even look long and stylish ( Bulky and HUGE ) , just square ( but it still is great for photo , video , and internet purposes ) and NOW , LG comes with 4inch display in longer design , which for me , i would be happy to have one for myself as a reward , as it can be used as my WIDE SCREEN PORTABLE MOVIE PLAYER , which i can keep by my side all the time ( Well , Never Leave Without HP ) . Not to mention , having this LONGER screen with ITS DUAL SCREEN UI function , allows me to open two page at the same time , no need change here and there just to copy things ( with its one touch copy and paste function ) , see or read things and i can even surf facebook and twitter all together at the same time ( using the BUILT IN WIFI and WAP Features )  , or even to do comparing between two pages . Not forgetting , a LONGER Display will save me alot of troubles because i don't need to keep scrolling left and right just to key in or to read web page address ( im sure everyone encounter this problems before ) searching for the link in the page , viewing things such as document , picture or even when read mails . With LG's BL40's LONG screen , i can do all that in a complete web display ( long wide screen is surely better than the traditional square short screen , headache just to read it ) . And also , having A LONGER LG will save me alot of spaces in my pockets ( which i normally have cash / second HP in the same pocket , rather than big old fasion bulky HP ) . Oh ya , did i mention about the design ?! It is so so thin , and the design is so classy and sexy that i can say , it'll help me to grab the attention of all the ladies around ( all your single ladies , all your single ladies ) whenever i show it in the public ( im sure they like the CHOCOLATE more than me ) . Well , that is why i like it LONGER , yes yes , LONGER means better . And if all those reason is not enough to convinced you that LONGER is Better , you should go and experience yourself by rushing over to the nearest authorise LG dealer or reseller and EXPERIENCE it YOURSELF as this is a HP not to be missed !
P/S : Did you know , this phone has been labeled as THE SUPERMODEL HP ( Don't Play Play ) by the world-renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, GQ, ELLE and Esquire . HaHa .... Now You Know !

For more detail , visit LG BL40 for its features , gallery , spesification and support .

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Opera ( Sunway Pyramid )

Well , it was friday night , and we were in sunway ( we are Yann , Coco , Loonz , Emeryn and Nicole ) yum cha at Boston after the MOS FHM The Girl Next Door 2010 event , and after yum cha session , i continue to The Opera as the gang ( M.M Family ) were there to celebrate Janice Ling ( Char Siew ) Birthday . Well , it was my first time there , and the building is located opposite Coco Banana , covered in glasses , in red colour . 

This is the DJ Stage

Jasmine auntie

Pomato ViVi , Helen San , Evil Angel , and Auntie Jasmine

Akiyo san , Helen and Me

Tommy and Peggy

Evil , Me and Coco

The Birthday Girl


Edwin and Auntie

Well , it was a good night , the place is quite nice , the cover charge start on Fri and Sat , with the RM 48 for guys , and RM38 for girls . Will go there again once got chance as i didn't spend enough time to enjoy . =P
and as for the FHM Girl Next Door 2010 party picture in MOS that night , i have to postpone it until Yann Yann copy the picture for me ........ 

Please Nang Me =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carlsberg With FHM The Girl Next Door 2010 Party

Hello everyone ...... finally i can update my blog as the connection has been quite slow this few days ( d*mn streamyx )
Well , last friday i went to Carlsberg's factory in Shah Alam for the Private Party with the 12 finalist ( only 9 of them came that night ) of FHM Girl Next Door 2010 and also celebrating the winning of Jun Jun Riko for winning the Carlsberg / Facebook Christmas Tree contest . ( Gong Hei Gong Hei )

The Collection

 Well , because most of us ( Me , Yann , Coco , Emeryn ) haven't had our dinner , so this will be our dinner time !

Our DJ For that night

Kate , Coco , Yann and Emeryn

Yum Yum

Minum Minum !

Coco , Jun , Emeryn and Yann

 Winner of this cool party , JunJunRiko

Hikaru and Kate

 Coco with all the free polaroid picture thanks to carlsberg

 I like this picture with their natural sweet smile =)

 The drinking contest began .... all six need to drink up the whole cup of carlsberg and the fastest win !

Coco pointing saying the cup is too small !

 Here you can see how emeryn pretend to drink ! ( LOL )

See what i mean ? ( Look at everyone's cup and compare with Emeryn's Cup )

 Second game !

Few sip of Carlsberg and this is how she look like =)

 Then now is Yann's Time along with the FHM Girl

 Well , yann is a great Drinker too .... as she won her round !!!

 And Ya , i was being force to join too ....... too bad i finished second !

 Everyone also will have present !

 Now now ... the guy in white is the grand winner ... won all round of Carlsberg drinking ! I bet he drink the carlsberg faster than i drink water !

 Final round ( oh ya , Yann is the only lady contestant in Final )

 Well , she didnt win of course , the white guy win . but she is still happy ....

 And here the PinkPorkChop joins ...

 Comparing Colour ....

 And Emeryn is the Matching Colour ! LoL

The Finalist of FHM The Girl Next Door

 And then the late comer buaYAT arrived ! with is blured face ( Always )

Another Contest , pick the balloon with the Green leaf with the white snow

Carlsberg GOLD !

The Pimp Daddy ..... !!!

Try to guess who this is ..........

The girls with the " NICE ONE" Carlsberg sign on hand !


Hmmm .... do you think she is Sober ?!

The Healthy Drink Of The Night !

They are getting ready to be Chipmunks !!!

Inhale inhale ... breath breath , and you'll be Chipmunks !

Me with Stephinie Tan ( MC of the night )

Yum Yum Yum ............. SHING !

Group Picture

Everyone is happy ...... !!

It was an Awesome party ..... meet alot of new and nice friends ........
Congratulation to Jun Jun again for winning this contest !
Thanks again to Carlsberg , Nuffnang and Facebook for bringing us a nice party and a BIG THANKS to C0Co for inviting me ! Thanks norx XD