Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carlsberg With FHM The Girl Next Door 2010 Party

Hello everyone ...... finally i can update my blog as the connection has been quite slow this few days ( d*mn streamyx )
Well , last friday i went to Carlsberg's factory in Shah Alam for the Private Party with the 12 finalist ( only 9 of them came that night ) of FHM Girl Next Door 2010 and also celebrating the winning of Jun Jun Riko for winning the Carlsberg / Facebook Christmas Tree contest . ( Gong Hei Gong Hei )

The Collection

 Well , because most of us ( Me , Yann , Coco , Emeryn ) haven't had our dinner , so this will be our dinner time !

Our DJ For that night

Kate , Coco , Yann and Emeryn

Yum Yum

Minum Minum !

Coco , Jun , Emeryn and Yann

 Winner of this cool party , JunJunRiko

Hikaru and Kate

 Coco with all the free polaroid picture thanks to carlsberg

 I like this picture with their natural sweet smile =)

 The drinking contest began .... all six need to drink up the whole cup of carlsberg and the fastest win !

Coco pointing saying the cup is too small !

 Here you can see how emeryn pretend to drink ! ( LOL )

See what i mean ? ( Look at everyone's cup and compare with Emeryn's Cup )

 Second game !

Few sip of Carlsberg and this is how she look like =)

 Then now is Yann's Time along with the FHM Girl

 Well , yann is a great Drinker too .... as she won her round !!!

 And Ya , i was being force to join too ....... too bad i finished second !

 Everyone also will have present !

 Now now ... the guy in white is the grand winner ... won all round of Carlsberg drinking ! I bet he drink the carlsberg faster than i drink water !

 Final round ( oh ya , Yann is the only lady contestant in Final )

 Well , she didnt win of course , the white guy win . but she is still happy ....

 And here the PinkPorkChop joins ...

 Comparing Colour ....

 And Emeryn is the Matching Colour ! LoL

The Finalist of FHM The Girl Next Door

 And then the late comer buaYAT arrived ! with is blured face ( Always )

Another Contest , pick the balloon with the Green leaf with the white snow

Carlsberg GOLD !

The Pimp Daddy ..... !!!

Try to guess who this is ..........

The girls with the " NICE ONE" Carlsberg sign on hand !


Hmmm .... do you think she is Sober ?!

The Healthy Drink Of The Night !

They are getting ready to be Chipmunks !!!

Inhale inhale ... breath breath , and you'll be Chipmunks !

Me with Stephinie Tan ( MC of the night )

Yum Yum Yum ............. SHING !

Group Picture

Everyone is happy ...... !!

It was an Awesome party ..... meet alot of new and nice friends ........
Congratulation to Jun Jun again for winning this contest !
Thanks again to Carlsberg , Nuffnang and Facebook for bringing us a nice party and a BIG THANKS to C0Co for inviting me ! Thanks norx XD


  1. Looks very nice party you having there. Quite enjoyable night I can see. Lovely pictures and pretty girls :D all around.

    Regards from cr3ap

  2. Cr3ap : Hey hey , it was an awesome party .... with all the "leng luis" around ! thanks for dropping by ;)