Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stun Gun / Taser

Well , im sure everyone always see those stun gun or taser in the movie . but i never really hold or seen one for real until recently my friend get one from a source ( can't be disclose ) with a price less than RM 200 . It operate with 3 3V Lithium battery and can generate 950K Volt of stun voltage .

Well , this is the package i found in internet , in US
Buy one , get the batteries , key chain , case and a pepper spray for free !

Here , i captured a video to show of this things work ....

You can actually hear the loud sound of the Volt coming ... extremely scary and i don't think i want to be hit by it ..........

The Damage

A stun gun is a legal electrical self-defense device that puts out a high voltage and low amperage shock. To put things in perspective, one amp will kill a person. Our stun guns deliver 3 to 4 milliamps. This is far below the amperage that could do any lasting damage to an individual, although after a 3 to 4 second shock, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for any assailant to recover, no matter how large or combative they may be. Also, even if the assailant is touching you, there is no way the current will pass to you. There is no shock-back.

P/S : This info is from a website from US , cos i don't think it is legal in malaysia . http://www.defenseproducts101.com/stunguns_firefly_package.html

Well , it has two way of function , protecting you from any dangerous attacker , but at the same time , the attacker can use the same thing to rob you or capture you .

well , i hope everyone out there to be carefull when ever you are alone . as this thing is not hard to be purchase .


  1. Cool! Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering if you could post more tutorials? I am new to self defense and I wanted to know as well how to use this kinds of gadgets.

    Phazzer Dragon