Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flash back of the Year 2010

Time fly so fast , its time to say good bye to 2010
Hopefully 2011 will be a better year for me ...

Well , here is some of what's happen to me during 2010 ...

Jan :

FHM Girl Next Door Party

Thanks to Coco for the passes , i was able to join this happening party together with JunJun Riko's friends .

Had a great night and lots of great drinks that night ...

Nuffnang Movie Screening of Tooth Fairy . Extremely funny , a must watch movie.

Feb :

Chinese New Year !!!!

Had some gathering with the old gang , not a rich angpow year but still a happy chinese new year for me . And for the 1st time ever , i "Bai Tien Gong" at Yann Yann's house . Really happening time ... with all the firecracker , and gambling :P

Celebrating Auntie Jasmine and Belle's birthday at Quattro , and i consider as the farewell party for Belle as well , where she leaves to Singapore .

March :

Celebrated Coco's at TGI Gardens with all of her friends .

April :

Free screening with NuffNang

Funny Movie

Interesting and Nice KungFu movie

and my 1st time making my own video for 7-11's My Funniest Slurpee Video .
click HERE if you like to watch

and received my new transportation .... blackie Eighty Thirty

May :

Celebrated Peggy's Birthday at Mexico Pub

Free screening from Nuffnang again :)

Special screening with Mr. Potato
Had the chance to taste the all new Rice Crisps From Mr Potato .

A sequel from Part 1 about monsters inside a cave .

June :

Screening with Nuffnang

A hilarious movie . very worth watching :)

My trip to Bali . A nice and enjoyable place to go ....

July :

Nuffnang Screening of Inception and The Sorcerer's Apprentice .

August :

Enjoyed Screening of Vampire SUCK , The Last Airbender and Tekken .

September :

Free screening for Nuffnang , Resident Evil , the most awaited movie of the year , but not as good as i was expected ...

And went for the nice kungfu movie , Chen Zhen .

October :

Free Nuffnang screening of another funny movie , You Again !

And received a free passes to the Drink Drank Drunk event of the year , Hennessy Artistry .

and celebrated my birthday on Oct ( earlier than my original date )
at the 798 Sports bar near Imbi .

Had to thank everyone for coming my party , im very happy and touched .

Nov :

Had few dinner with my friends for my birthday . Thanks to everyone.

Free screening of Megamind from Mjuice , and Nuffnang's Taker movie .

December :

Went to Colmar Tropicale , and I-City for the 1st time ,
with my love one and friends :D

Well , this should be my only posting for the December , and will be the last posting of 2010 .
Had a tough year , luckily still surviving ( some how ) , hoping next year will be a good year for me , praying to have a better future ~

Remember My Past , See My Present and Prepare My Future !
This will always be my motto in my life ... hoping it will bring me to a better future ~