Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve Outing

Merry Belated Christmas !!!!!!
well well , this year's christmas was a great one as i meet new nice and sweet blogger friends .
i was invited by Yann and Coco to join them at Pavilion where the actual plan is to see the snow show display on 8PM that night , but mana tau all eat till the time pass .... LoL

well , we all had our dinner ( actually is them cos i only order drink )
La Bodega

The menu
somehow or somewhat , the menu is confusing even when i just plan to order drink .... perhaps too many writing but without picture :P

The Shop

Well , the following is the food ordered !

Pasta Girl

The great drinker

Well , after the dinner , we all go for photoshooting

Hmm ........ suprise ? happy ?

Im sure they are gossiping


The Living Statue

The ball , not the dragon one .

Well , this is a pic which i was being forced to take .....
Sigh ...........

The three Gay look alike ...... well , if you agree with me means we are great in acting . if you don't agree means we are too man to be gay . ROFL

The crowd that night

Well , since yann and coco is using their nice camera , so i didnt take pic and just do some copy and paste picture from theirs to upload to mine .

Hmm ....... here is some of the deco at Pavilion

then it continue with some acting ....

And we proceed to Starhill

Why ? just read on .......

DIY Snow

Well , natural beauty , look at her eyes .......CoCo's one.

Here is the failed picture for the guy !

And the victim

After the photo session , we went for light dinner/supper and continue to The Curve's Library

Well , it was fun to know new friends ..... and to hang out together nicely even when we just know each others .....
Hmmm ...... Merry Xmas ( Belated ) to everyone especially you ...... =)