Friday, December 18, 2009

Rootz Club - Carina's Birthday

ROOTZ ! New club in town located at the top of Lot 10 , very easy to find , where , all you gotta do is drive in circle to go up the top of the parking ( Lot 10 parking of course ) ,until you reach 7th Floor ( 7A is where i park but there is another floor of parking there also can ) , then there will be an escalator and stairs , go to the top , and you'll see a fitness then turn right and you'll see the Rootz . =)

The entrance looks abit special from others , makes people who havent been inside wonder how it looks like


Well , the main reason im there is because it was NaNa's ( carina ) birthday .

Shum Shum with Nana

This is Patrick

This is Frankie

This is Jasmine

The 3 sista

The real sista
Carina and Patrina

Patrina and frankie

Carina potong-ing cake
Too bad i wasn't there because i was block by the stupid Lambo on the jockey !

Happy Birthday !

Smile !
May all your dreams come true ! :)

Cake war

Kena "dui" gau gau !

Happy Family

Minum , jangan tak minum !

Shhh ........

Yeay ... i can drink ! :P

Tak Habis Minum

Mari minum !

Half Half !

Carina : Apo ?! mau minum lagi !?


The crowd

International Signal

Her patrick !

Raping !


Akhirnya KO !

well , it was a great party with the ending of carina KO ! lol
Once again , happy birthday to you nana .... may all your dreams come true !
Stay young , stay happy !

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