Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pikom PC Fair 4th Dec to 6th Dec , KLCC ( where to park )

Good news to everyone who is interested or planning to get yourself a new computer , notebook , IT accessories or upgrades their current system as the 1 year 3 times Pikom PC Fair is back , to KLCC ( Kuala Lumpur Convention Center ) tomorrow ( 4th-6th Dec ) start from 11am and end at 9pm

They even provide FREE shuttle service on 3 location in city center to help those who park far away from the convention center due to lack of parking everywhere around the center and they are devide to zone , A , B , and C .
For more info on the parking location and the FREE kl shuttle for the fair , please click HERE so that you arrange your journey to the fair nicely and avoid the bumper to bumper jam . happy shopping :)


  1. I will try go for the shuttle service... Thanks a lot ya... (",)

  2. welcome gilbertzai . glad tat i can help ! happy shopping :P