Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not a good months nor a good day .

Start with a big SIGH !!!!!
December 2009 appear not to be a good month for me ....
last week lost some money due to some reason , then today around 6.10PM , when i was on my way for the Storm Warrior Premiere Screening , i was hit from behind by a nissan sunny , driven by a girl . sigh .... luckily not much damaged , just with scratched and the bumper didnt break , just abit fall out of place . still pretty solid . SIGH ! then , after a long jam to Mid Valley , to watch the much anticipated storm warrior , end up that it doesnt meet up to what i expect ... not really nice , well , will talk about it more on the next post ....


  1. Not nice meh? Ok mah.. like watching cartoon la.. hahaha :P

  2. hehehe. then i wish you an earlier Happy New Year 2010. :]

    keep in touch.


  3. hi, pity for you.. nasib baik u penyabar,.. hehe.. if i, haiyak!!! hehe.. hey, anyway i want to know whether u got avatar premier screening invitation?? can meet u lorh...


  4. anonymous : haha ... comic ... not cartoon . only uncle will think its a cartoon !
    Renise : thanks thanks , same to u too ... do drop by my blog whenever u r free :)
    Rabiatul : hehe , i got the invitation as well ;)