Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mickey Family Steamboat - 16 / 06 / 09

Hello again to everyone !! here is the second outing of mickey mouse family !!!
A steamboat session at ViVi's house at PPP . really have to thank ivy and helen for helping to prepare the food ...... and also thank vivi alot for the nice soup ... !! not to mention .... thanks to all the people who attend and make our second outing successful and nice one !

ivy , helen and carmen preparing !!

the cook !

Food food food !!

Our dinner !

Let the party begin ....

wow .... so many foods!

Peace !!!

Cute jessie !!!!!

am i cute ?!

wahh ... im a ghost !! hahahaha !!!

hey you bad guy ... who like to bully people !!!!

Hey you , don't you dare to bully other again ah !!!!

Bad guy ! angry you !

everyone is enjoying !!

baby evil with baby jessie !!!

Adrian and Jackie !!

Act cute .

cool peggy !

he spoted me taking his picture tim !

happy jessie ( not the baby ah .... ) and jackie .

CuuuuBiiit !!

Sharing the same chubby cheek !

Everyone is enjoying the nice steamboat !

Cute ...

he is so "wat dat"

daughter and father ?!
( he wish he could have such a cute daughter .... lol )

Our boat !

she is the main person of the night ....

syoik-nyer got people feed !

i don't think there will be anyone who disagree when i say ......

Kim ....... the great eater ........why ? look at his bowl !

mmm .... did this remind you of something ?!

the cheft of eggs boiling !

everyone is taking their chances to take pic with the cute little one

Jessie X 2


yes im jessie !

tomato try to make cute face

us with the lady
spot the little jessie pose . haha ....

only lil jessie act cute !!

the ladies !!!

well ... that's her copyright sign !

hantu disebalik kaca !!

There is a zoo inside there also ......

helpp .....

Angel ........ or D-evil ?!

Panda Pai Kut Vanice !

Helen San


Omg ! act cute or act scary ?!

Speechless .......
* Vomit * (Jk Jk )

World record !!!!!!! FRANKIE IS DOING ALL THE WASHING !!! Unpercayable !!! really unpercayable !!!

See ...... he is really doing the washing leh ... man ....

here is a short clips of jessie ..... trying to uphold the justice where adrian it trying to bully jackie ...... but then adrian pretend to be bullied .... making little jessie don't know what to do ...... lol

a very happy session .... looking forward for more ......
and thanks to ivy again for setting up everything from venue till the food and drinks , thanks to Me myself and I who help to eat and entertain ivy's cute cat "ah choy" , Evil Angel the babysitter , Mr Tommy the prawn striper , Peggy the machine gun and prawn killer , Frankie the Cleaning Maid , Ivy the Cook , Jessie the one who help to devide the food , Jackie the eater , Janice the char siew , Vanice the panda pai kut and also help to steam the boat for me , adrian and KIM , Lil Jessie the cute one , Helen San the supporter and also helping to devide and clear the food , Eggs Cheft Kim and the food DBKL , Edwin the photographer , Adrian the noisy guy and Carmen the helper because with you all , the outing is so happy and successful .