Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mickey Mouse Family !!!!

well ...... now since we have alot of nice and sweet friends ...... we all started become a family ..... where we hang out together . so ... with that , the mickey family was born ! haha ... here is the picture of those who being attracted with the ears ...... the mickey ears !! haha !!!
you can actually see the members who join the our facebook mickey mouse family !

Carmen Cheong - Secretary aka Sexetary

carmen with adrian

ViVi the mascot aka potato ivy ( formerly known as tomato ivy )

Ed with the mascot and sexytary !

ViVi Mouse and Frankie Mouse

Kin Mouse ?!

Eric mouse

J Mouse

susu mouse

even mandy also kena !!!

Janice mouse !!!

char siew mouse !

Kim Mouse !!!

Kevin mouse !

Belle the vampire mouse !

Seriously ...... the ear really make everyone cute !

My turn pulak ! jack mouse !!! lol

here is few of them la ....... if there should be anymore new mouse ........ i'll update you all ! lol

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