Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Storm Warrior Movie Premiere Screening

Hello everyone , last week , on 9th december 2009 , i went for the premiere screening of Storm Warrior at GSC Mid Valley thanks to Nuffnang and EON Bank for choosing me as winner :P
Reach there around 7PM , thought of getting the cool and limited storm warrior merchandise but seems like nothing was prepared for the nuffnang blog winner :(
Collected my ticket from Yee Hou from Nuffnang :)

Sure don't look like a warrior .... :P
more like a princess !

Eon bank CEO

RUDY ! lol

Signing the board !

Waaaa....... i'll kill you ....

The movie starts at 8.30PM that night , ended around 2 hours .
If you ask about my opinion on this movie , it sure doesn't meet my expectation . The feelings is like watching moving comic in the big screen ..... not much real dialog especially from ekin . Plus many unexplained thing in the movie or where the people suddenly disappear after a fight , perhaps you'll know if you got follow their comic .
well , to understand what im saying , perhaps you can go watch and judge for yourself .


  1. sure you damn lucky man! i really hope i can win stuff from nuffnang too :(

  2. Hello Dosz , thanks for visiting my page .
    well , if u r a nuffnanger , then keep on supporting nuffnang n im sure 1 day u will get things from nuffnang as well ;)