Tuesday, January 19, 2010

‘Why I Like It Longer’

LG is back with another nice great sexy seductive hot handphone , LG Chocolate ( yum yum ) BL40 . Its a first of its kind for me , because it come with a long 4 inch screen with full touch screen function and equipt with 5.0 MP camera ( nice for me as i like to take alot alot of pictures ) , not to mention it even come with  multi touch function features that offers the best in finger-friendly 3D graphics , with faster respond , easy accessibility . The design is so sleek that i can easily keep the HP eveywhere i want ( yes , everywhere , hohoho )
Well , this phone is surely something i like , and i like it LONGER ... why ?! haha .... from all the previous HP i used , biggest screen display is 3 inch and not even look long and stylish ( Bulky and HUGE ) , just square ( but it still is great for photo , video , and internet purposes ) and NOW , LG comes with 4inch display in longer design , which for me , i would be happy to have one for myself as a reward , as it can be used as my WIDE SCREEN PORTABLE MOVIE PLAYER , which i can keep by my side all the time ( Well , Never Leave Without HP ) . Not to mention , having this LONGER screen with ITS DUAL SCREEN UI function , allows me to open two page at the same time , no need change here and there just to copy things ( with its one touch copy and paste function ) , see or read things and i can even surf facebook and twitter all together at the same time ( using the BUILT IN WIFI and WAP Features )  , or even to do comparing between two pages . Not forgetting , a LONGER Display will save me alot of troubles because i don't need to keep scrolling left and right just to key in or to read web page address ( im sure everyone encounter this problems before ) searching for the link in the page , viewing things such as document , picture or even when read mails . With LG's BL40's LONG screen , i can do all that in a complete web display ( long wide screen is surely better than the traditional square short screen , headache just to read it ) . And also , having A LONGER LG will save me alot of spaces in my pockets ( which i normally have cash / second HP in the same pocket , rather than big old fasion bulky HP ) . Oh ya , did i mention about the design ?! It is so so thin , and the design is so classy and sexy that i can say , it'll help me to grab the attention of all the ladies around ( all your single ladies , all your single ladies ) whenever i show it in the public ( im sure they like the CHOCOLATE more than me ) . Well , that is why i like it LONGER , yes yes , LONGER means better . And if all those reason is not enough to convinced you that LONGER is Better , you should go and experience yourself by rushing over to the nearest authorise LG dealer or reseller and EXPERIENCE it YOURSELF as this is a HP not to be missed !
P/S : Did you know , this phone has been labeled as THE SUPERMODEL HP ( Don't Play Play ) by the world-renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, GQ, ELLE and Esquire . HaHa .... Now You Know !

For more detail , visit LG BL40 for its features , gallery , spesification and support .


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