Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hacker in Facebook !

Hello to everyone out there who is using facebook account ...
I personally encounter a hacker ......
this case happened few weeks before ..... where a friend of mine , ( I call him MR A )
He is actually my high school junior , where we meet at work and never chat in facebook chat .....
One night , as usual , when i was online facebook , MR A suddenly pop up in the facebook chat , saying "Hi"
then come along with a link ( too bad i forget already the exact link add but it end up with some blogspot thing .COM ) then as usual , i always ask the sender what is the link , so that i can confirmed that it is not some BOT or Viruses who send themself to all contact ( well , im working in IT line , always encounter viruses and worms ) . To my surprise , MR A account reply me . the conversation is something like this :

ME : yo dude , wat is tat link ?
MR A : its some world recycle thing . click to support
ME : oh ?! ok ok ... i try check check !

Then , i click on the link , which another windows pop up , showing EXACT FACEBOOK LOG IN PAGE ! Same as below !!!

The weird thing i noticed ;
 1st - i click the link when i log in facebook chat .... why it still ask me to log in again ?
2nd - the address on the bar is not FACEBOOK but other ( Which i forget already )
3rd - i copy the link and search in google , no document or page found !

Because of all that , i noticed it was a spam / virus / hacker / worm
so , i reply back to MR A that the link he send got suspicious thing . and warn him not to click !

Me : wei , the link got prob la , it ask me for username n password but i already log in to facebook
MR A : oh ? really ?
Me : yaya , then i search the google oso cant find this link . i think its a virus or something
MR A : oh , ya ? thank u thank u .

after that , i didn't take it anything special , just continue Facebook-ing !

After 2 days from this encounter , i saw MR A ( the real MR A ) in person at work .

Me : Dude , wat link did u send to me oh ?! virus izzit ?!
MR A : har ?! when did i send to u ?! where oh ?
Me : Facebook la .... tat nite u chat wit me then send me link
MR A : which facebook account oh ? my old account kena hack liaw la .......
Me : har ?! but there is ppl reply me wor ..... chatting wit me for awhile
MR A : har ?! not me lor

After that , i explain the whole thing to him ( Just like above ) and then he too told me he did enter the username / email and password after clicking the page then the following day he cant log in to his account !
So , i told him to report to facebook bout his account being hack !

well , the damage is done and no one know what else this hacker done to it ...... ( nothing special in facebook account especially no cash involved )

Im sharing this posting with the hope that everyone should be careful when opening link , typing password and username on the unknown link , especially on MSN and facebook look alike . DO NOT REVEAL ANY IMPORTANT USERNAME AND PASSWORD ONLINE NO MATTER WHAT !!!!


  1. thanks for sharing!
    -KiKi Tan-

  2. hey kiki ....... thanks for dropping by !

  3. good info, very good example, TQ!!