Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tiger Woohoo Movie

WooHoo !!!! A Local Made Movie with alot of familiar faces and voices from local artists .
Well , from what i see from this movie , woohoo is not a shout like yeeha , yeah or etc , it mean five tiger "wu fu" or  ' mou fu in cantonese ' and the movie is about a tradition in a village who perform a TIGER dance ( not the thailand type ya ) , similar to the dragon and lion dance .

Synopsis : tiger dance or woohoo is a tradition practiced in a small village (Beserah, Kuantan) during a prayer ceremony every 60 years. As the only elder who knows "Woohoo" can no longer perform, his filial granddaughter put up a misleading advertisement which in turn attracts five youngsters from different backgrounds - bad-tempered bank security man Ah Beng, indecisive Char Kuey Teow hawker Ah Huat, effeminate designer Rain, university student Bobby and smart alec Alan - to be trained as 'woohoo' players. After some tough training, they finally look like a formidable team. However, few days before the anticipated festival day, the only 'tiger head' is accidentally destroyed by the mischievous kids in the village. Well , want to know how it ends , do go and watch for yourself .

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And for me , i find this movie is quite funny and worth to watch .......and tomorrow i will go for the Tooth Fairy Premiere Screening ..... at 1U . Well , to all those who will be going for the Tooth Fairy event too tomorrow , see you all there !!!

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