Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Birthday Party On Halloween Night

31st oct is just a normal day for me for every year ... except this year ... 31st Oct 2009 will be one of my special day in my life .... my 1st ever private house party to celebrate my birthday. normally my birthday will celebrate with only 2 or 3 special person but this year i celebrate with all of my friends ...... well , suppose to be halloween and birthday party ( where mine falls on 1st Nov ) , it just be normal birthday party as most of my friends don't have costume or got 2nd round after my party .. sigh ... but never mind .. as it was 1 of my greatest party

The early Halloween Ghost waiting for the party .....

My start up liquor .

Our party dinner ( the KFC miss out from the pic tim )

God of death come to join my party ..

Frankie mouse , Jasmine auntie , and Jack me .....

Thanks auntie and frankie for helping me out that day .... if not it would be a mess

Posing while opening the beer cans ....

Jasmine and me

Kwai gor ....1st Gabs to arrive ......

My Red Cat

Evil angel devil

Helen san ( nvm my hand ya :P )

Smile !!

Let the game begins

Some one curi makan ..... wakakaka

Jackfruit with Pomato

so nice of vivi trying to help hide my airbag

Lose kwai to take his reward

Flex , Frankie , Jack and Yann the bleach

Sleeping beauty

Someone is Praying after drinking too much .......

vivi and me again

char siew janice

Xiao Li janice


Winny the red cat

bond ! lol

now now .... here is peggy

no no .... not peggy , zhing zi

"ling yi zhui pin" ghost pic captured accidently at the party
was originally trying to capture the stairs only and this pic spooked everyone in the party

Rachel lee ting who has the tittle " the undrunk queen"

Alvin kok , a.k.a kwai start to get drunk

helen san before poppy

vivi * notice whats in her hand ?!*

2 acting rabbit , or lembu ?!

Nana with me
* notice something weird behind ?*

Oh gosh , being rasuk by the devil .....

The lady ghostbuster ........ make the ghost busted !

the captive ghost being force to suck cigg and finger

Jeremy Gor ..... or jeremy goh

Shum shum joey with mickey mouse

Sexy shum shum sexy nana

the 3 clubber

Jeremy with the so look like terencat ....

Me with yann

2nd round time .....
Rabbit with Xiao Li

The game continue ...

Mr shuffle king a.k.a leong

the sista

Act cute helen

Each a bottle

Evil angel with me

My birthday kiss

Kean and his wife winnie

Cake attack

Guess what are they doing !?

sucking cake only

Mr and mrs nice person
( help me attack other )


Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum .......

No need cup ....... 1 bottle up ......

Loh hong ban .... loh hong lau ..........

Yeay yeay ...... im drunk with the sparkling juice

Relaxing Jeremy .... perhaps he didnt drink enough

Kena dui with sunny


Flex , Nick , Me , Yann , Jen , and Yats

36 Zhoing , Zhau wai shoing zhoing

Peggy : yum , u cant run
Me : waaaaaaaa ......... maaaaaa ............

Drink with mineral water

Wj ... thanks for coming ... even though he cant finished his last cup

Act weird

same look on me

Chun Yann with me

Spying flex , Sexy Jen , Drunken me , and slumber Yat

Me: yes yes .... how can i help u ?
Xiao Li : Give me more alcohol


gosh ...... im drunk

private dance floor

and the private sexy dancer


The pretty ladies

Me , KFC , Black Label , Evil , Winny


Here's the ladies

Helen san getting ready for poppy

my birthday kiss from winny the red cat

Smile .....

Everyone is happy with KFC

Winny and helen

Pak , Seng , me , tean yeaw

Yo Yo Yo

The guys ......

Riot amost the football fans .........


sunny tak habis habis Dui me

1 And Half Cup james ....

Mr shuffle

Down !

Sunny and Jen

Haha ....... both look so thin

Question of the night ...
what pose it that ?

walau ... all the way from behind ?

Yat claimed that he is being attack by yann ...... lol

Multi purpose chair .... after attack , then sleep


Can't run liaw


See ........ many choices available ... so which one you want to drink ?

I think peggy is convincing someone to drink with her ......

Lovely couple

Yen teng is learning way to play with winamp

Frank is sure small ya .......

erm .... drunk !?

Happy Flex with Half Happy Yann

Sexy Jen : Arrrggg .... Dui me la ..... Die u petrol , DIE !!!

After 5 second ... Petrol is D.I.P ( Died In Peace )

Jen , Yan , and Yen Teng

New type of sofa

All in one .... or should i say ALL ON ONE !

Rape !

Oh No ... my 1st time ......
salty pig hand ... lol
*jk ya yann yann ....... :P

She sure like to sleep

nice posing !

Dancing time

No Comment

Same , no comment again

WoW .... Close dancing

Finger team

Wah ..... my present from yann


3 Different Expression
1: High / Enjoy
2:Scary / Angry
3:sad / suffer

nah ... dun play play ah ....

nice picture of the night

Sexy jen

Acting tak tentu pasal

Feel like ad pic tim

Acting photograhper

isnt he cute ?!

Hope yann wont kill me .......

Akem ...

The late comer
Raymond siew and Kang Sang

Our remaining

Act cute

Siew with yen

Dancing ?! or ........ ?!

Nicole and Evil Angel

Yeay ....... they came back after the poppy session

Leng Luis

Char Siew

No Comment

Got extra Spotlight tim

Kena dui again

Janice : Drink la
Raymond : Come mari Come .... where's the drink ?!

Auntie Relaxing in the relax place

Don't believe that is was a relaxing place ?!
Raymond can proves it

See what he try to show u ?

Can sleep and drink at the same time

Brother sharing


Morning game

The drunk auntie

Bowling a.k.a nick

Sleeping mouse *candid*

sweet nyer face

Count it

My cake , and my present
thanks everyone for coming and everything

if u see clearly at the cake , you might found the hole which fit my nose =="

well , still got few more picture which im still waiting to see from yann ( don't know whats the pic look like ) , and few more birthday present picture in custody .
erm .... it was a crazy , happy and fun night . thanks everyone from coming my COW ONE party . hope everyone enjoyed that night and happy to know new friends .

sigh , 1 year older liaw tim ....... ok la ...... need to sleep liaw ..... will upload few video of that night when im free .....

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