Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Well Well , i've been working for quite sometime already .... but yet i seldom got the chance to actually give myself a very good treat . if i could ask for 5 treat which is could be anything as a treat to myself , i would .....

1st treat would be a full relaxing vacation to japan , where i can go over to discover all the nice electronic and technology gadgets in japan as they invented most of the great invention of IT hightech product . and it would be nice if it is in april month , cos i can join the japanese to enjoy the secenery of the sakura festival ........

then ,

2nd would be a powerfull , advance , clear and perfect camera of the world , so that i can capture every single place i went , all special moment , pretty secenery , and everything i see using the camera and keep it with me forever !

and of course ,

3rd treat will be the dell inspiron 13 notebook where i can store all my nice picture using the memory card reader , so that i can edit it , upload it and share with all of my friends and families . not to mention , to continue connecting with all my friends using wifi and to webcam with my friends no matter which part i am in japan , to keep updating about the news and of course not to forget to find more interesting location online , to watch movie or listen to music when im bored or to fill the extra time . And because Dell Inspiron 13 is small and light weight , its easy for me to carry around and not forget that i can have the colour that i like which makes me happy whenever i see it , and attract every person around me to envy my colourful notebook .

4th would be a marathon fine dining , treating myself with all type of food from around the world , especially american , italy and japanese food . from steak to sushi ...... yum yum

last but not least ,

5th treat would be a full body massaging treatment , from head to toe ..... to make sure all my stress and all the feeling of lazy and tired disappear for good ......

well , that is MY TOP 5 TREAT LIST for myself , as a reward for being alive in this cruel and tired world ........ how i wish this could come true ....... then i know its worth being alive ... wakakakak .....

well , if you are same as me , who is interested to get a notebook for youself as a treat , get yourself a Dell Inspiron 13 , which is small in size , light in weight , with 7 colours available ( i don't think other brand can offer so much colour option ) and the most IMPORTANT PART IS , you can get an INSTANT CASH REBATE of RM 100 by using this code : 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 when you purchase the Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) online ( ) or by calling 1800-88-0301 . Hurry as this coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009 .

Hope you won't miss this chance to get something cheap in price but good in package ... ;)

The colour and design of Dell Inspiron 13 ;)

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