Monday, November 23, 2009

Storm Warrior Movie Ticket Contest

Hurray ................ once again i manage to get free movie tickets , the Premiere Screening of Storm Warriors before the actual screening thanks to NUFFNANG ! :) Wondering how i managed to grab the passes ?! thanks to my posting "If IM A STORM WARRIOR" post . ( Feel Free To Click And See Again )
Beside of getting free movie passes and cool Storm Warrior Exclusive merchandise , I get to take photos with the celebrities and Print out photo session with the celebrities for free!

Confirmed Celebrities are as follows:

o Chui Ling ( TV Host & Actress )

o Carmen Soo ( Actress )

o Belle Theng ( Ms Astro Internation 2009 )

o Soo Wincci ( Ms. World Malaysia 2008/2009 )

o Chen Keat Yoke ( Winner for Chinese International Singer Competition _

o Jack & Thomas ( Ling Yu Zhong - Actors & Singers )

o One Lik Meng ( Hip Hop Singer )

o Gary Yap ( DJ & Singer )

o Lam Tak Wing ( Actor, MY FM DJ )

o Ngan Mei Yan ( TV Hostess, MY FM DJ )

o Nicholas ( MY FM DJ )

So i'll just wait till that day to come , 9th Dec 2009 at Mid Valley Megamall .


  1. I get also...

    do u know when the samsung Jet winner will be announced?

  2. hey hazwan ... glad to know tat u get it too ......
    bout the hp winner , i thought it got winner already ?! perhaps they didnt put in it list .... as i oso didnt see any winner list or something .... haha ... i dun think much , will be happy if can get the 1 of the 5 invite to party at aloha wit the cast ...... :P

  3. hey, last wed im at GSC Mid Valley waiting for storm warrior.. Didn't see you.. Might be u standing beside me.. hrmm.. thinking.. hrmm.. hrmm... i dunt know la.. hehe..