Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The All New Windows 7 Features

Now everyone is talking bout the all new Windows 7 ..... so here is some of the features of the new windows 7

Want to know whats inside the package ?

I've copy some of my desktop feature ( Windows 7 Ultimate ) to share with you all .

This is how the Windows 7 Desktop Looks like .....
More like Windows vista , but all annoying feature is removed and add in some cools stuff

The new desktop Aero Peek which allow you to see your desktop without closing your application
Keys To Press :
win + space

Aero Tab to allow you to choose between windows
Keys To Press :
Ctrl + win + tab

Can see all the working task live on your taskbar
"grouping aero view"
Just point you mouse arrow to the taskbar icon

Beside that there is different features in between the version of the all new Windows 7
Choose the one which is suitable to you ....

* If you are a home / personal user , Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Premium is good for you . Other version is more for those profession users such as the Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate Version .

Beside of those shown feature , Windows 7 includes a number of new features, such as advances in touch and handwriting recognition ( auto detect those computer or notebook that has the touch screen function ) , support for virtual hard disks , improved performance on multi core processors , improved boot performance ( means faster start-up compare to the old Windows Vista ) , improved taskbar visual performance where it changed from Quick Launch toolbar to pinning applications to the taskbar and Etc .

The feature i like about Windows 7 would be the improved speed and performance , slide show background picture , all-in-one driver package included in the Windows ( means no need to search for most of the drivers for your computer ) the aero style feature .

For more info , you can visit microsoft or wikipedia for more detail and information

Hope this help ..... :-)

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