Monday, November 16, 2009


Hello there all my friends .... im sure every malaysian chinese would know what is Storm Warrior or "Fung Wan" is about . 1st movie was 10years ago and now , it return with 2nd episode .

Well , mostly everyone in the movie have a great power to be the warrior , but IF I'M A STORM WARRIOR , i will make sure to protect the peace of the world , spread peace teaching everywhere , and become the great guru teaching people martial art for a good reason .
haha .... wondering how will i look like IF IM A STROM WARRIOR ?
Behold , here is the Ultimate warrior

This is how i'll look like if im a storm warrior .
Wondering how and with what i can fight all the evil guy ?

This is what i got ... :P
From Top Left to Bottom :
1) Short Light Saber for close body attack .
2) Invinsible Shield mainly for protection from behind . can use to block attack from infront if desire .
3) Pepper Spray for escape , or to handle multi attacker from all side .
Top Right to Bottom :
1) My Long Sword holders Belt
2) My Main weapon , named Ultimate Sword , Can only be used by me as it need to be activate before it can perform in full power .

Yes , i shall name myself , Ultimate
Don't play play and stop laughing , if not i'll cut your head down . LoL

Well , since you all are so nice to view how i look like if im a storm warrior , i'll give you all some reward . click on this link --------> then go to GSC-EON Bank Credit Card and join the contest of Answer & Win and Upload & Win contest for The Storm Warriors . who know , you might get free passes for the movie , and lots more of prices .

Hurry up , as the contest end at 22Nov this year .


  1. nice post....u like a bejjing's storm warrior..heeehehe

    see my page also..

  2. Fuck... that is so gay. Did you know that you would have cut off your own arm holding a lightsaber across your shoulder like that? Noob. You have magical swords and lightsabers but you still rely on pepper spray for group attacks? That sounds so stupid dude. Seriously... think about it. Fag.