Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sad & Disappointed .... Free Phobia 2 ticket but cant have it ...

Dear Nuffnanger,

We'd like to inform you that your invitation to the Premiere Screening of PHOBIA 2 has been revoked as you've not sent in your confirmation email within the stipulated time frame.

Should you have any dispute over this matter, kindly call 03 **** **** by 5pm, 3 November 2009 and look for ***** to clarify the matter.

Kindly take note.

Thank you.

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Sigh ... noticed this e-mail today after i reached home from work ... NO FREE MOVIES !!! the main disappointment is , i never received any confirmation e-mail regarding i've been choosen to receive the free movie tickets , and the mail reached to me yesterday 12PM plus and i have around 5 hours to reply . sigh , working , where can check e-mail all the time ?! no call or sms letting me know as well ......perhaps it's just my luck ... hope will be better next time ... anyway ... thanks nuffnang ... at least i know i won something , which i cant enjoy . lol


  1. hmmmm....nuffnang want you to spend me the movie ma...so...watch with me better la..lozzzz

  2. lol... ppl who read this also can get free ticket from jack ng... hey yen teng.. give me 5

  3. aishh .... y suddenly i bcome the person giving free ticket geh ?! im a poor guy liaw wor .... same as u got the kfc but u cannot eat it ... cham laaa ...... haha ...... should b u both treat me watch geh ..... :P