Friday, November 27, 2009

Quattro 1st Year Anniversary - Feat MC YAN

MC Yan of LMF (HK), DJ Prepare (HK), DJ Seraphim Yami (HK), DJ Qko & Katsuyaku Girls (Taiwan/HK)

Those were all those who perform that night , which is 25 Nov 2009 , the anniversary of Quattro Club .

The Promotion Banner

People starting to line up as early as 7.30PM for entry
Of course , for those who didnt have VIP entry ticket , all they need to do is
Send a sms to Quattro at 33733 and the reply of the sms will grant you free access .

Frankie the always late mouse

Jasmine Rabbit who come with Frankie the Mouse

Me with my auntie Jasmine .....

Jasmine : wah , someone snapping my photo .....

The two warner bros cartoon
Left : Bugs Bunny , and Mickey Mouse

Wuuwuu .... im scare ....

Shhh ..... im drunk , don't tell others .... ( say jasmine )

Frankie and Winny

Trying to capture the crowd but then this fellow managed to show me his peace , nice guy , great drinker too ...... :)
" Sorry ya dude , forget your name :P "

Luckily im smart and lucky enough to get a sit right beside the bar ....

Cos , if not you have to "rebut" for drinks ... LoL

And the funny things is that when the waiters/waitress lining up with their tray to get the drinks so that they can serve drinks to everyone in the club , hardly can get keep the drinks in the tray and leave the bar counter as , all is gone before they know it , as you can see on the pic above , waiter runing away from the visitor , cos if not , no drinks on the tray for others . hard job for them ... LoL

The Crowd

All lining up at the bar to get their drinks

He's the bar keeper who is extremely nice , keep showering us with unlimited cups of drinks ...

Waiting for our drinks ... :)

See , all this is for me and auntie jasmine ...
( Well , frankie mouse don't dare to drink because scare drunk :P )

From Left : Frankie , Me , and Jasmine

The DJ ...

The free flow of drinks starts from 8PM to 10Pm , but the party doesn't stop there ....

The free flow continues .... at Winter Bar ....

Everyone is lining up , to be honest , comparing to Autumn , the bartender here is quite slow distributing drinks .....

So end up go back down , to Autumn



Mentos Promoter

Camwhoring even in Lift

During the time sending Jasmine Back

The formula 1 driver

Blehhh ........

Back to the party , free caps ...... ( not for me though , cos they only throw to Leng Luis .... sigh )

Now now .... the man of the night ....
MC YAN !!!!!!!!

He is damn yeng zai with his beard and Cigar ...

Yo Yo Yo

Let the party begins ......

So , Yan start to Rap ...

and the party came to life .....

D** Lei La ...

Put your hand up ...

F*** you ...

now now ... those caption is actually expression of what he said that night , not something i simply put ya ... cos im not a rude person ... :P

Right after MC Yan's rap ends , its time for the sexy pole dancer .... THE Katsuyaku Girls from Taiwan / Hk

Start by jumping from DJ stage to the Pole ....

spining and turning around .... and she sure make it look easy .....

the sexy leng luis

Look clearly and you can count total of four Leng Luis Dancer

Hands UP in the Air !

Now , the wet wet time

wet while drinking the alcohol ....
( Damn sticky actually .... cos she pour and swing the bottle around , and basically , everyone near the pole kena ... )

Yummm Yummm ......
* wet wet also *

Wait wait , your part is coming ... don't rush !

Drink ......

well , its not that i think she is extremely pretty or sexy , as you can keep seeing her pic ( no offend to you katsuyaku girl ) just that the place i stand can only took picture of the two out of four , as they don't change location from where i stand .

yeay ... this can see three of them

well , lucky for me on that night as i managed to capture some videos to share with everyone

well , the loading might takes time , but worth the wait , as you can feel the heat of the night .
P/S : sound quality is not that good as it was captured by handphone . but i consider it is very nice .


Erm .. forget what this song name liaw ...


Don't know what song name ... :P




Dai Lan Tong



Those i didn't put song name is because i don't remember the song name / don't want to "cincai" put , scare wrong name .


Well , this is MC Yan upclose and leavin ......... :)

well , suppose there is another video of the Katsuyaku Girls dancing , but too bad cant show here because when they almost end their dancing , the battery of frankie's handphone dead out of sudden , causing the video is gone before the hp can save it in the memory card . so no sexy dance for you all ...... but you can always go up back to see the picture . :)

Overall , the party is better than i expected ( not saying i expect Quattro's party is not nice and please continue read :P ) where i thought will be boring night as i went there with frankie and jasmine , 3 person and not with our old clubbing group of M.M Family ( and Jasmine went back early as need to do assignment ) , but then , thanks to MC Yan and Katsuyaku Girls girls performance that night , the whole party came to live ..... and here i wish Quattro Happy Birthday again and thanks for a great party and all the free flow of drinks ........ Arigatou !

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