Monday, May 3, 2010

Ip Man 2

As everyone know , Ip Man 2 is a HIT !

On Last Wed , i went for its movie screening at Pavilion GSC thanks to Nuffnang and EON bank for giving me the free tickets .

Seriously , this movie is a MUST WATCH MOVIE !
why ? So far until now , this is the best movie i've watch , and , from 10 out of 10 person who watched it , they all give their thumbs up for this movie !

Well , i don't know bout you guys out there but i like funny and action movie alot and this movie comes with a lot of funny segment , plus , there is alot of Kung Fu action .
To all those who havent watch , faster go and grab your tickets and watch it .


  1. i didnt watch the first one, not sure if i'l catch the 2nd one on cinemas.. maybe DVD lah =P

  2. kenwooi : haha ... faster go watch 1st , then continue with 2nd ... sure u wont regret ;)

  3. I haven't watch IP Man yet.

  4. jfook : fast fast go watch ah ...... very nice .....