Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“I wanna watch Toy Story 3”

WoooHooo............ Toy Stories is back !!!!! and ............ I WANNA WATCH IT !!
YES , I wanna watch Toy Story 3 . And if im lucky , i might be able to watch it before its release date in malaysia , FREE ! YEAY !

And this time they have include with new , cute and funny characters which i can't wait to see ....

Among all this new characters , i really wish to see Chunk ( see picture below) in action as it can change from friendly face to fierce ... and best of all ...... no batteries required ! LOL

Well , wish me luck in getting the free tickets ..... and really can't wait to watch this movie , perhaps in 3D too ....... :D


  1. ohmywtf : haha ... thanks for dropping by ... i think this movie will b funny ! :D

  2. elin : u like big baby ah ?! :P