Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'M The Winner Of My Funniest Slurpee Video Contest

Last month i've join the 7Eleven's My Funniest Slurpee Video contest ......
Guess what ?! I'm a winner ..... !! :D

Hahaha ... yes , im the winner of consolation Prizes .... ( plz don't boo )
For the full list of the winner ....... you can click HERE

This is my prizes , a T-shirt !



This is my video if you like to know .... you can click HERE

Here i have to thanks everyone especially my friends for helping me vote even though the result got nothing to do with the votes ( feel cheated ) . And for you information , there is 5 Weekly Winner , for different time frame video upload . then , the remaining 5 grand prizes is ACTUALLTY choosen from the 5 weeks winner ( means if you lose your weekly video , you cant win anything even if your video if more creative than the previous video winner except T-Shirt )

Credits to :
Coco ( The Sexy Lady and the weird guy / girl )
Coral ( Assistant )
Yong Jian ( Camera Man )
7 Eleven Tmn Connaught ( Along with the two friendly staff )


  1. kenwooi : thanks ...... we expected more ...... but the rules dun allow us to win better prizes .... T_T but at least got something :P

  2. waa.congrats..i think i also win invite to the Caught in the Middle preview..will re-confirm tomorrow

  3. wen : thanks wen ... thanks for ur vote too ;D
    bloggerina : thanks ... wat is the caught in the middle preview ?!

  4. congratzzzz...but at least the experience mah~

  5. dream : yaya ... a very funny experience .. will do more in future !
    jfook : hey man , thanks :D

  6. Congratz. Consolation is better than nothing^^

  7. kelvin : hey kelvin ...... thanks for viewing ! yup ... better than nothing :P

  8. congrats .. i felt cheated too coz you said the votes are not taken into account =.=

  9. yenyin : hey hey ... sorry ya .... n have to thank u again for helping ;)

  10. Hi there..1st time see ur blog..nice entry and love ur pics too.visit me if free huh..;)

  11. suhaisweet : thanks for visiting .... sure i will go see see ur blog ...... ;)