Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peggy's Birthday at Mexico

Here is another birthday celebration , this time is for Peggy . Celebrated at Mexico Pub at Jalan Imbi .

Peggy the birthday girl

Happy Wootday

The handsome of the night

The pretties of the night

Peggy is very happy that night . Look at her smile !

And here also :D

Sila Minum

Well , here is my present for her

A Medal Of Honour
" Drinking Champion "

Bitting the gold !

The Drinking Champion With The Drinking God

Wootz !

Evil and Coco

Liar Dice !

Duet !!!!

It was a great night , happy birthday to peggy and may you stay happy .


  1. yeay yeay ....... i like too ... sing till no voice tat nite especially when we sing ISABELLA :P

  2. which part of imbi? never seen before :-)

  3. Happy Wootday to Peggy too. Btw , where did u get that medal! ? Cool!

  4. ohmywft : oh ... its 2nd floor , opposite the Imbi Palace

    goolooloo : haha ... thank u on behalf of peggy . well , try drop by S&J :P

  5. Seem to be nice over there!! Plan to go birthday there!! :)