Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Descent 2

Another horror movie is in town .......

The Descent 2

Well , basically this is the sequel from the first episode ( Quite obvious ) The Descent .

I Never watch the first episode before but i found that this movie is quite nice . Got alot of breath catching moment and of course , if you like blood alot , this is the movie for you .

This movie continue from episode one , where the sole runaway from the caves is successfully saved . But then , because of still unable to locate her friends , a team is sent to search inside , along with the sole runaway surviver , hoping to be able to save the others .... but then , this is more than just a search and rescue mission , where they meet some new friends ....
want to know more , go and get your tickets to watch in the cinema near you .

Here is some picture from the movie ;

The hand of freedom .

Going down to the "very very very old LIFT"

Wondering why they are so dirty ?!

This movie surely can scare people ( not me but the 1guy on my left and the girl on my right were all shocked and suprise :P ) .

Want to know if this can give you a shock or not , go and see for yourself ! :D


  1. i dont dare to watch this kinda muvi

  2. blab : haha .... y dun dare ... exciting ma ....... :P

  3. shirleen : thanks for dropping by ... did u watch this movie ?