Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Tickets And Free Samsung HP for IP Man Contest

Interested to get FREE HP or FREE MOVIE Ticktes for IP Man ?!
Too bad ...... you are too late :P

The Winner is out !!!


Well , luckily for me , im the winner as well , not for the Samsung HP , but for the tickets ! Yeah ! I got free tickets for screening of IP Man 2 at GSC Pavilion .....

This is how i get the Free Movie Tickets ( HERE ) ...... thanks to EON-GSC and Nuffnang !

Cant Wait for this movie ........


  1. Congratulations! Hope to see you there! Waited so long for the tickets already.. hohoho!

  2. helo ... u got the tickets too ?! congrats ..... say hi if u saw me there .... :)