Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Night Movie Screening

Hey Hey .... yesterday i went for the movie screening of Date Night at TGV 1Utama thanks to Nuffnang .
Well , there was a funny incident at the start of the movie until everyone there thought they entered the wrong cinema .... as it was showing ....... CLASH OF THE TITANS ! LOL
Well , thanks to the fast respond from the handsome Nuffnang guy ( forget what his name , only remember he cant sing , neither dance :P ) and the TGV's worker they managed to correct back the movie within 30 Minutes .........
Well , it sure worth the wait ........ as the movie is extremely funny with alot of joke ! I'm not good with rating , but i can tell you all its surely worth watching !!

Date Night

Director : Shawn Levy
Written By : Josh Klausner
Producer : Shawn Levy
Cast : Steve Carell , Tina Fey , Traji P.Henson , Common , and Mark Wahlberg
Genre : Action Comedy

Plot Outline :
Claire and Phil Foster ( Tina Fey and Steve Carell ) are a typical suburban couple whose lives - including their weekly date nights of dinner and a movie - which have become a routine . To reignite the marital spark , they visit a trendy manhattan bistro where a case of mistaken identity turns their evening into the ultimate date night-gone-awry . But as claire and Phil take their unexpected walk on the wild side , they begin to remember what made them so special together .

Here is some of the picture from the movie !

When they see the bad guy !

The break-In

Sam-i-am's friends

Well , don't miss out this movie ....... as it is really funny !
Catch this movie in cinema near you !


  1. next time remember to greet me yea :)

  2. wen : sure wen .... will surely greet u :)

  3. Damn funny lor this movie!

  4. joshua : yaya ..... very new punya joke ..........