Sunday, June 6, 2010

Journey to Bali

Bali . The Paradise Island . I always heard people said how enjoyable and happy to be in Bali . Well , last month i went there , and it was my first time there with no idea of what i'll be facing :P
So i will try to share some of my thoughts and tips in BALI .......... ( sharing my 1st time experience ) :P

I flew there by AirAsia .... Flight starts around 9am plus ...
and was lucky to be able to capture this volcano during the flight ! :D

Reached there around 1pm and i gotta wait in line for more than 1hour just to get my STAMP into the country ! sigh ~ ( who say only malaysia's government officer do things slowly ?! )

Once getting out of the airport , 1st thing we do was , CHECK IN .
We stay at Tanaya Breakfast and Bed , located at Legian .
Since we are newcomer and tak tau go there , CAB is our only resort . There is a "TAKSI" counter just after we exit the airport and it cost us Rupee 55,000 to reach our place ( it got a fixed rates for every different location )

Long stories cut short , this is our room , Superior Double Bed which cost us USD$ 39 a night
Quite nice , and comfortable .

The washroom

And bathroom

Our 32"inch LCD mounted on the wall

The next thing we do right after we settle down , LUNCH !!!!!
seriously hungry ... as we only had a light old town food for breakfast ..... and the flight took around 3 hours plus .

So we randomly find a shop to eat .
I forget to get the name , but it was not so tasty .

Egg egg something with satay !

Then we proceed with our walk to Kuta Beach ( which located around 500M from our hotel )

Kuta Beach
Mostly western tourist around this area
not to mention alot of surfer surfing too

Nice and hot sun

Ok , after Kuta beach , we took a "Taksi" to the Famous Dreamland Beach !
( Pssttt .... Blue Bird "taksi" { light blue colour with the pigeon sign } is the recommended "taksi" to get in Bali as from what my hotel reception said " bagus taksi , blue bird , follow meter" )

Me in the cab

Before entering the "gate" of the Dreamland , you need to past the security check which got us nervous abit as the security check for something in serious manner ( they look like looking for bomb or something ) using a stick with mirror to see under the car and car trunk as well . Makes me feel like " wahh ... here been bomb before or what ohhh ?!"
Well , i guess its for safety measure as the place was one of the popular place in Bali !

Wondering if the water is part of the river or part of the sea !?!

The walk before reaching the beach !

Jeng jeng jeng , here is the famous Dreamland Beach .
Alot of local selling sarong , caps , shirts and so on ....

The wave here is alot bigger than the Kuta Beach side ....

The beach is really nice

The Lifeguard Tower

Alot of dogs there , and most of them look like "HOT DOG"
Long long and cute cute one !

Get what i mean ?!

After staying there for 30minutes or so to take picture and walk around the beach , its time to proceed to our next destination .

On the way walking back to our cab ( the same cab and we hired him to wait for us as its hard to get cab there ) , something catch our attention !!!! food !!!

Satay booth .... and it's special booth which i don't think its something you can simply get in malaysia

Satay Babi ! haha .... now you get what i mean ?!

It cost us Rupee 10K for 8 sticks of satay babi along with some nasi pulut ! and the satay is unexpectedly TASTY and SPICY ! NICE!!!!!!!!!! ( sigh , wish can taste somemore now )
If you happened to be there , and you are non-muslim , you must try try this Satay Babi !

Well , the Babi is only for our snack and now its time for Dinner ! LOL
The "Taksi Driver" bring us to so call "sini sedap" seafood restaurant !

Blue Marlin Seafood at Jimbaran !
( Actually there is alot other different restaurant all around Jimbaran Beach so , you can always select or try others )

Here is a part of the menu

Well , it suppose to be a romantic dinner .... but due to the weather conditions , everyone all along Jimbaran Beach were unable to watch the sunset ( Big Sigh )

Don't mistaken by the flowers on my ears , it was given to me by the waitress when i walk in as a welcome sign / gift

Its a romantic candle dinner with sea view

We got our free Crab Soup ( which taste like pepper soup more )

The coconut ( with taste like Coconut add on water = Tastless )

Someone selling corn on the beach !

After around 20 minutes of waiting , our dinner is finally here !

This is the SQUID ( Cumi-Cumi )
RP 190,000 / KG ( we ordered 500Gram )

Kangkung Plecing ( Included with the meal )

Life Prawn
RP 260,000 / KG ( Ordered 300Gram )

They provide local dance and performance throughout the dinner
( Barong dance or something )

This is the kitchen type


We take the restaurant car back to our hotel after dinner ( which cost us another RP 50,000 )
And then walk around Kuta / Legian street , and grab some drinks before going back '

Their local famous beer "Bintang" and 100plus taste alike's drink "Pocari Sweat"

Here is some summary and tips on 1st day at Bali :
RM 0.0362 = RP 100 ( ours RM 0.0387 as we change in LCCT on 30th May 2010 )
Rupee i get on hand thru the trip :
Coins = RP 100 RP 500
Bill = RP 1000 , RP 2000 , RP 5000 , RP 10,000 RP 20,000 , RP 50,000 and RP 100,000
Renting a car / a bike or driver is better than taking "Taksi"
( as it cost us RP 55000 from Airport to hotel , RP 100,000 from Kuta to Dreamland , addition RP 30,000 / hour waiting at Dreamland , around RP 50,000 from Dreamland to Jimbaran Seafood and finally RP 50,000 From Jimbaran to Legian / Kuta )

And i shall end this posting by shouting ........

Good night everyone , please wait for our day 2 and day 3 posting :D

Please Nang me if you think my posting is helpful or interesting :D


  1. Is quite helpful..!! As i actually expecting games as well as how relaxing it is...!! But still thanks for the info.. At least i know what to expect..!!

  2. Kelicious : haha .. thanks for dropping by . when will you be going there ?

  3. Bali is the best place to have your vacation and bonding with your friends and relatives especially if you visit the place and feel the good hotels seminyak there.

  4. hotels Seminyak : hey hey .... i heard from my fren tat seminyak is 1 of the best hotel to stay ... nice suite there .... my fren will b there next month , stay at UR place ! LOL

  5. Ohh, wow, I wanna go Bali! *is jealous*

  6. tiffany : haha ... no worries .. u sure can go bali geh .... when u wan to go ? bring me along ! LOL

  7. wow the beach looks gorgeous...and haha we're all millionaires at bali! :)

  8. mabelebam : there is alot of nice beach .... :D