Thursday, June 10, 2010

Journey To Bali *Day 3*

Start with a big sigh *SIGHHHHhhhhhh*
Well , this is the last day of us in Bali .... ( have to return back to the cruel working life )

Well , basically everyday's breakfast is the same ... :P

Before we continue with our last day's trip ... we went for a Bali Massage .... Cost us around RP 60,000 / Hour . To me , its just a so-so massage .

Here's some of the picture of Legian Street

This is the Blue Bird Taksi

Well , today's trip will be with the same as yesterday . Hired driver and guide , for 5hours , cost RP 250 , 000

1st place we go , to get another food , call Ayam Betutu
Funny thing is , at first , we ask the guide , he reply me in malay , ayam betutu di town , sangat sulit . ?!??!!?!?! apa so sulit to eat ayam betutu ?! ( In malaysia , SULIT = secret but in Bali Malay , SULIT = susah )
hahaha ... the guide means its hard to find in town and it will be jam .
But then , we still want to try cos its one of the food known in Bali . Luckily , we found 1 new open shop along our way .....

Well , we ordered Ayam Betutu Goreng 1/2 Ekor add rice

Well , it was pretty skinny as they are using "ayam kampung" . No fat = No meat :P
The taste is so-so ... perhaps we should try another shop next time .

Then the driver recommend us to visit the Cultural Park Bali or the Turtle Sightseeing .
We choose Cultural Park as we don't want to spend so much time with the turtle as we are going back already . ( still need to go to Uluwatu ) .
GWK Cultural Park is intended to educate, especially the young generations about the importance of preserving and cultivating world’s cultural heritage.
Here is the place where they have the BIG statue of the God , Wisnu .
Click HERE for more info

But for my personal opinion , its not worth to visit , as its pretty expensive ( RP 50,000 / Pack for tourist and RP 5 , 000 for parking fees ) .

The performance , is normally at night . so at the time we visit , there is nothing to see :(

This is barong , is a character in the mythology of Bali . He is the king of spirits , leader of the hosts of good . For more info , click HERE

At 1st , from far , we thought what kind of thing is that as it was moving ...
Mana tau , 2 people is holding the BARONG and sitting there , moving :P

And when we reached to the top hill , here is what we can see .

Bali Island view .

This is Wisnu .

This is Garuda , a transportation for Wisnu

And this is suppose to be the hall where do normally have "Upacara" ( Ceremony ) in wedding or big occasion .

This is the Statue of Peace

They even provide flying fox and other activities

Then we continue to Uluwatu ... a Temple high high on top of the hill
The temple is officially know as Pura Luhur Uluwatu but well known for Uluwatu . Basically its the same .
Old language ;
"Luhur = Something of divine origin
"Ulu = Lands end
"Watu = Rock

The entry will cost RP 3,000
But there is something you need to pay attention to ....

Read carefully ya ;)
If not when MONKEY ATTACK , you can blame no one :D

And for those who wear shorts , skirts or anything which don't fully cover your leg , you need to wear sarong before you can enter the "tempat suci" ( holly place )

Here is some of the notty monkey

The view there is really amazing and spectacular !

So hope you'll enjoy the picture .

Me in sarong

They are still using traditional cooking style at the temple

Temple entrance . Its written there , only for people who is going for pray , no tourist .
So we can only walk around there

Head transportation

The stairs which leads to the temple

Well , after the visit to the temple , we still got around around 2 hours more before we need to go to airport . After a long disscussion , we decided to pay a visit back to Jimbaran beach , which is another side of where we had our dinner on the 1st day .

Jack is HERE !

This is how near the beach with the airport ( Denpasar )
( Captured by my lousy SE K 800i )

There is actually alot more of the seafood and restaurant on this side ....

And they start putting out table as early as 4.30PM

The sun or the moon ?!

After almost an hour there , we finally have to proceed to airport . Bye Bye Bali !!

Well , we had our normal check in prosedure , but one thing caught our attention . WE STILL NEED TO PAY !!!!
ATTENTION , ATTENTION ! To all the 1st time travellers .... There is a Passenger Service Charge ( or charger ) that you need to pay before you can pass to the immigration
It cost you RP 150,000 / Pax . ( This is what you get )

Basically , its like a toll , walk to the counter at 2nd floor of the airport , pass them your boarding pass and RP 150 , 000 , then they'll give you 2 piece stickers ( 1 on your ticket , 1 they'll keep ) which they will collect before you boarding at the gate . So don't go and spend all of your money 1st !!!! ( luckily we still got extra , sigh )

So we board the plane around 7,30PM

This is my Dinner ! :P ! Airasia's Nasi Lemak . Well , don't know because i'm too hungry or what , this nasi lemak is quite tasty :P ( RM 9 without drinks , RM 11 with drinks )

I shall end my post of today by sharing another info / tips ....

You can see this flower offering everywhere in Bali ( seriously everywhere , as like , top of the car or inside the car , on the motocycle , everywhere outside the door , road and even inside airport ) PLEASE DO NOT STEP ON IT ! as this is the Baliness way of offering to "Ibu Pertiwi" for good luck and protection ( according to my guide ) . So , watch where you were going !

Overall , it was a nice place to visit .... i'll surely visit again , with more days so that i can visit all temple and beach ! :D

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  1. the last day is the one you feel so sad~ coz money finishing and gotta get back to Malaysia!

  2. nicole : haha .. yalor ... cham !