Friday, June 25, 2010

Have you ever stop with 4 Police Car at once before ?!

YES ! you read it right . I STOP THE POLICE CAR ! Total four of them at the same place ... same time . but it was not the last of it . After stop with four of the Police Car , we stop another Police car another place .

Well , its the funniest every i did with my friends .... ! well surely we didn't stop the police car to cari pasal . Its because me and my friends ( yes total in 3 cars include mine ) wanted to find the Dang Wangi Police Station to do report as the guy who stole "things" from all of my friends ( different company ) was caught and the car they suppose to send "him" to police station reach there but there was a miscommunication where we travel to the wrong police station ( stadium merdeka's police station ) . since none of us know where or how to go , we gotta drive and stop the police car to ask for direction ! LOL

we stop one of the police car at the HSBC bukit bintang , and the rest of the 3 follow stop . total 4 POLICE CAR stop at the HSBC with 3 of our car ! LOL . perhaps they try to stop us , mana tau , we all want to look for police station . LOL . After asking the short way to the police station , we , once again make a sudden stop when we see a police car stop with another vehicle ! THEY SURE LOOK SUPRISE ! but same la ... cari balai polis dang wangi ! LOL . the end was surely i manage to find it la ... lol

Hope this case can settle soon ........ in a good way ....... and hope the "guy" will learn from this time and never repeat his mistake !

Luck is not with me anymore .... not now and wonder when they will all come back to me ....... sigh ....... Pray again ....... to god , or whoever is incharge .... to give me back my good luck , money and good health back to me , my family and my friends ..............

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