Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Journey To Bali *Day 2*

This is my 2nd day posting of Journey to Bali ;D
My hotel name is Tanaya Bed And Breakfast ( or breakfast and bed ) , they do serve breakfast . But don't expect something special or full breakfast ( as in buffet or all you can eat ) , they only serve .....

BREAD !!!!!! 3 Piece !!!!! =.="

Along with Fruits .... ( sure feel healthy already =.=" )

This is my 1st breakfast in Bali ......

:D ( sure don't feel full , but what the heck , feel HEALTHY i guess )

Some random picture from my hotel's 2nd floor walkway

This is the breakfast area

Our driver and guide was at the receptions when we finished our light healthy breakfast , getting ready to bring us around ( had to hired a car and guide as traveling with Taksi is not a wise way )
and it cost us RP 400,000 for 10hours ( actual price RP 455,000 before nego )

The 1st place we go ........... BABI GULING !!!!!!! yeah .... one of the "Must Eat" was the Babi Guling !! ( oh ya , for everyone who don't know , Indonesia is actually an India Religious Base , not muslim like what i thought as 1st ) So there is Babi in everywhere ... Opss .. i mean Babi Food !

This is the shop recommended by our guide , sure packed with people .
( wondering is it packed because all guide bring tour to this shop )

This Babi Guling from Ibu OKA is in Ubud .

Duduk Bersila ... and really packed !

Many choice of Babi !

Coca cola in Bali .....

And mine is the Botol Jalan Jalan
( how will the bottle look like if its a botol duduk minum :P . and the cap of the bottle wrote "Halal" )

My Nasi + Babi Guling spesial

With the cruncy Pig Skin

Yum Yum ... quite delicious actually !

Well , worth eating actually , but portion is small for me ... hahaha ... not full ! :P

People still lining when we leave ....

and the surrounding

A temple i guess

So we continue with shop and jalan jalan around Ubud pasar ....

Bought some T-shirt which cost around RP 20,000 . Other than that , nothing interest me .
Oh ya ... if you are not good in haggling or talk for price .... i recommend you not to buy anything from here , as they mark up the price to a number that you won't believe ! ( A product which the starting price is RP 450,000 can be reduce till RP 50,000 ) I'll show you another place which is good to get something back to your country . Do continue reading :D

we walk till around 1.30pm or more , and we continue our trip to another place ... to watch this hill type PADI Field !

The view is quite nite and amazing .... but 1 tips here , there will be alot of people approach you to sell things . Advise from my guide , "don't buy from them , you buy with one , all running to you asking you to buy !! "

And see this funny uncle .... who show me hand signal to capture his picture ... and so we did ... guess what happened next ?!

He think he is andy lau , asking money for picture copyright ! LOL
Of course , he's been ignored !!!!!

We stayed there not more than 30minutes , and the journey continue ... to Denpasar .

Random picture along the way

I guess this is the IT Mall in Bali

Then we reach this place ... KRISNA !

Krisna is the best place for you if u want to get some souvenirs back for your friends and family , and the price compare to the Ubud Pasar is actually cheaper , and the quality look good .
Well , i bought alot of keychains , hair clips and T-shirts ( which is cheaper RP 15,500 / RP 16,500 )

During the drive , we can see alot of 24hours shop , Circle K . I guess they are the "7Eleven" in Bali .

It was a chaos and jam most of the way to Tanah Lot Temple , a "Must Visit" place . But its too bad , as the sun sets around 6.10PM ( different setting time on different months ) so by the time we reach , it was already dark ! BIG SIGH !

Tanah Lot actually means "Land Sea" in Baliness Language , and it is a Temple in the Sea !

Well , this is what we should see when the sky is bright

and this when the sea rise

Nice and amazing temple ....

BUT ............

This is how it look like when we reach ....... *Double Sigh*

Even though its dark ... the feeling of being there is amazing ....
Who would build a temple in the sea ?! where you can only enter after the water is gone ....

Well , after the disappointing visit .... ( will surely visit there again on my 2nd trip , earlier !!! )
its time to go back to hotel as our time credit of 10 hours is going to finished soon .
And we decided to try the local KFC and MCD . LOL
So we "bungkus" back to our hotel to try try whats the different between Malaysia and Bali

Jagonya Ayam ....

And i found it quite interesting ... buy the words " 100% whole chicken "
Is there a KFC selling Chicken less than 100% ? hmmm ....

In Bali , the flavours of the chicken is same , Original , Spicy ( wondering why malaysia stop Spicy but Bali still got ) and Black Pepper ( same as in Malaysia now ) . The weird thing is , they only got 1piece with rice and drink , and there 2pieces with rice and drinks . ( where is my favourite 3pieces Dinner plate ?! )

The feeling and taste is sure different ... eating rice with KFC . Only Rice , Chicken and Drinks .... Hmmmm .... And i still prefer Malaysia's Hot & Spicy along with Wipped Potato !! :P

They come with drinks of markisa , apel ( and 1 more i forget liaw )

Sure there is abit of differences in Language
sos = saus
Tomato = tomat
Cili = sambal

This is the MCD set .
( I guess Indonesian can't survive without rice ... )
Egg , chicken and rice !

Seriously , at 1st it got us thinking .... sos sambal ... apa tu !?
CILI la ... apa Lagi !?

Spaghetti MDC

This Spaghetti is quite nice to my taste .

Oh ya , this is another room , small room from the 1st one ... ( Change room because the bigger room is not available on this day during online booking )

Same size like Genting 1st world hotel small room

Separated toilet and bathroom

Sigh ... even the TV is different !
Chinese say " Yat Fun Chin , Yat Fun For" ( The quality is equal to the price you paid )

Well , Summary of this posting ;

- Bali Island major transport is by motocycle ( i can say its more than triple amount comparing to Kuala Lumpur's Peak hours Motocycle quantity ) and the most to be seen car would be MPV ( Toyota Avanza , Suzuki , Daihatsu ) plus all the drivers ( car and motocycle ) use the Hazard light ( car signal ) and Horn to the max , not forgetting the road . ( most of the road , is two way with only single lane each way . ) You'll only understand when you go there .
- Malaysia's KFC and MCD is nicer :P
- Time spend inside the car is actually longer comparing the time you spend on the Tourist Attraction place
- Most of the foods comes with Rice

Please Nang me if you think my posting is helpful or interesting :D


  1. wow, nice trip there!!!! hahahaha...you took KFC in bali?? LOL....

  2. vivian : haha .... ya ... a nice trip ... :D well , i know it sound funny ... but just wan to try wats the difference ma :{

  3. WOw..what a long post! My next holiday destination is Bali. Thanks A lot for sharing!

  4. babi guling sounds interesting.. lol.. chances are the tour guides brought every tourist there.. lol.. that's why it's packed.. :) but if it's good food.. it's okay :D

  5. msxeroz :haha ... welcome ... sorry for this long posting ... :P
    shirleen : babi guling is nice .... but i think the satay babi is nicer !! :D ( hungry liaw when think of it )