Monday, February 15, 2010

Hacker In MSN !

Virus / Spam / Spyware is running lose in the msn AGAIN !
Few Years before , this has been a familiar thing in msn where all my friend's msn will auto send link to their contact even though they did not online !
The message will be something like this ;

" You gotta bookmark this coool site:

brb... "

Here's the catch , whenever you click on the link it send ....... BANG ! your msn is infected . Meaning that your msn will send the similar link to all your msn contact , continue spreding itself !
There is another way those programmer try to hack you , by adding you in msn . So how , they managed to send those link to all your contact when you add the UNKNOW msn contact . This happened once before to me .... 
How to solve ?!
well , it depend on how the programmer program the spyware / worm . Some it can easily be detected by using FULL COMPUTER SCAN by ANTI VIRUS ( please use something better and not like thos FREE AVG anti virus ) . If this still cant solve this problems , try use anti-spyware which you can search online ( Lavasoft , Anti-spyware ) . If you haven't click any of those link , but your friends is complaining bout your msn keep sending those link , you have to check if you added some stranger from msn lately or not . If got , try to contact them to double confirm if they are really your friends , or its a BOT who send those link . DELETE IT if it is not your friends !
Well , the final solution if you can't do anything to stop the auto sending will be REFORMAT ! haha ......
well , do be carefull whenever you click link , or adding people in msn . ( even in facebook also can get hacked as i mention HERE )

Do enjoy chatting ........  but in a more careful way ....... !



  1. Another example :
    u look absolutely funny in these pics
    lol @ what you are wearing in it... hahahaha

  2. hahaha.. nice wan!!! those spam are soo anoying!
    gong xi fatt chai too!!!! where is my angpao?? :P

  3. haha ... thanks ........ i think u r the one who should give me laaa ..... LOL

  4. weii ...... not old ok !? its mature ! LOL

  5. eh eh nowadays they are even more high tech.. it will leave spam links and then at the end of the message, it will says "BRB".. or "g2g".. just in case u reply n no one responds..

  6. yayaya ...... you are totally right !!! haha .......... the worst actually the hacker hacked the account n chat wit me ...... WTF ! can see back my previous post bout the facebook ....