Friday, February 5, 2010

Donation Group on Times Square Bridge

Berjaya Times Square , a place which im sure everyone in kl been there before ....

but did you noticed a group of chinese youngster aged around 18 to 26 who always stay in a group asking for donation ?! their working location will the pedestrian bridge on the Amoda / Sg Wang side bridge ( not the Monorail Side ) . Basically , i will saw them most of the day ( as in 29 days in 31 days ) and their working time will be morning till late 10PM . they have been there more than 3 months ( as i will be passing there everyday for work ) and each and everytime they will ask RM 10 for donation , and in return , they will give u back something ( doll , fan , pen and ETC and change from time to time ) . I doubt that they are really legal donation group as they will disappear whenever times square security ( not the small potato who is there just to act like statue but the management type ) is there , or the group will stand far away from the bridge . And , i did saw one of the lady ( which i think she is the leader / boss ) counting her stock with the donation thing , i always seen her teaching the group on how to stop the passerby , surround them and ask for money . Once i even heard a guy talking in mandrin scolding a passerby who refuse to pay "RM10 also "tai em hoi meh" ( RM 10 also not willing to pay ) . They did try to stop me few times before but i just ignore them but from what i saw before , the will touch your shoulder ( no matter you are guys or girls ) which i felt it's rude , and they even purposely stand infront of the girls to stop her , force her to listen ( which i felt its not a good way and some might found it is offensive ) . From what i felt , they are just another "CON-Group" asking for money ....... which , disturbing and even making the road stuck with all of their people stoping everyone who walk by . To those who really like to make donation or charity , you can always find a legal donation group , charity house , donation funds who is registered ( like TV3 donation channel , mercy malaysia and so much more ) ! not to those who use your money for their clothes , handphone , cars and others ........ !
To those who got this experience , especially the same group i mention , do share your experience here . ( as i never even give them a chance to talk with me :P )


  1. I just ignore them...They are very annoying!

  2. alan : haha .... u were rite .... they r extremely annoying !!!!! thanks for dropping by .....

  3. I agree that this kind of thing is very annoying. Normally, if I encounter this type of group, I'll just ignore them no matter what they say to me. ^^

  4. yesh yesh! very "fan"! especially they suddenly jump infront of u and block your walk way. and if you dont give donation, they will not let you go. and if you try to get away from them they grab your arm and want us to keep listen to them. it happens once, i shouted at them : I NEED TO GET TO CLASS NOW. IM SUPER LATE! SORRY. BAI.XD

  5. scribbles : haha ..... good good !! kick them in the balls if they stop disturb u !!!
    xin : haha ... scream for help when they touch ur hand ma ....... lol ..... sure they will scared !! but is it the same group as the 1 i mentioned ?