Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ninth Day Of Chinese New Year

Well , this time posting is about another Big Day in Chinese New Year Calendar , the ninth day of the New Year , which is a day for Chinese to offer prayers to the Jade Emperor of Heaven (天宮) in the Taoist Pantheon. The ninth day is traditionally the birthday of the Jade Emperor. This day is especially important to Hokkiens . Come midnight of the eighth day of the new year, Hokkiens will offer thanks giving prayers to the Emperor of Heaven. Offerings will include sugarcane as it was the sugarcane that had protected the Hokkiens from certain extermination generations ago. Incense, tea, fruit, vegetarian food or roast pig, and paper gold is served as a customary protocol for paying respect to an honored person . This is the first time i celebrate Tien Gong Praying ... thanks to Yann Yann for inviting me ;)

Here is the offering for the Jade Emperor
6 Roast pig with alot of sugar cane and so on .....

Here come the BANG !~

Here is the Firework ....
It feels like a war there ....... where one house from another continue shooting firework ... LOL

Here is the video , which i record because i know my handphone camera is not good for night picture .

Here is the video of Yann Yann buring incense , big one .... i mean ... the real BIG one !

And of course ... it continue with light drinks and alot of luck investment ( gambling )
Last but not least , GONG XI GONG XI !


  1. LOL I TELL U! On that night... i couldnt sleep coz of the fireworks! So noisy!!

  2. lol .... u didnt celebrate ? n where do u stay ????