Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Music Boxes - Perfect gift for Christmas

Helo everyone , im pretty sure everyone is aware that Christmas is just around the corner . For those who have headache thinking of what to get for your loved one , family or even friends ?
Here is a recommendation to you .

You should get the musical boxes
Some might think musical boxes is a normal thing but it actually an art work . Here is some of the history about the Music Box .

The history of the music box dates back centuries. Today, music boxes are available in any size from small portable pieces to larger ones much like furniture. The earlier music boxes were usually made by watchmakers and were typically powered by clockwork. The Swiss musical boxes were one of the first to be produced in bulk mainly due to the success of watches from Switzerland.

Metal disks were used to make the first few music boxes in the 18th century. In the coming years however a switch over was made to cylinders. These cylinders were made of metal and a spring was used to power them. In 1862 after an invention by Paillard, removable cylinders were introduced and this way melody could be changed.

In the late 19th century with the production of models, much like the Polyphon, which substituted the cylinders with interchangeable metal disks, the cylinder-based music boxes speedily became marginal. By the end of the 19th century, player pianos were introduced replacing the Reuge musical boxes. These were more melodious and louder and were themselves replaced by gramophones with the additional feature of playback. The Reuge musical box has a history with great innovations made to better the quality.

It is the perfect present for Christmas as they even come with Music Boxes for Christmas

The site comes with alot of choices up to 17 different categories with the price range from below $99 till up to $2000 above .

Musical boxes would be the perfect companion since it come with the nice music that come with it . And the best thing is , they are giving discount for all musical boxes and even provide free shipping on all orders that is over $149 .
So hurry up and go get the perfect gift for your loved one :D
The perfect gift for any occasion :D

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