Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Megamind Movie Screening

A movie about who a villian become the superhero !
I got this free screening 2 days before the actual date from Mjuice . But due to some error , the screening time is change to 9.30PM instead of 9PM , and even have problem in the start of the screening . ( Shame on you GSC ) .
Now back to the movie ....

Plot of The Movie :
Megamind and Metro Man are aliens that were sent away from their own home planets in time of crisis and destruction ( like superman ) , where Metro Man land in a rich house and becoming a popular celebrity and Megamind land in prison , teached by prisoner in becoming a belittled outcast due to his unintentionally disastrous intellect. Megamind, taking the role of supervillian who tries to conquer Metro City in every imaginable way, each attempt a colossal failure thanks to Metro Man, who becomes known as the city's hero. Megamind keep trying until one time where Megamind seemingly defeats Metro Man during one of his many botched hostage plots involving news reporter Roxanne Ritchi . Now freed from his rival's shadow, Megamind proceeds to take control of Metro City. Over time, Megamind comes to the realization that he no longer has any purpose in life without an enemy. To appease his depression, he turns Roxanne's lonely cameraman Hal ( who love Roxanne ) into Metro City's next big superhero, the fiery-headed Tighten. Unfortunately for Megamind, Tighten decides to utilize his new power against humanity as revenge for the lifetime of rejection he has endured. When they have no other choice than try to discover about power and history of Metro Man ( where Tighten's power is originated from ) , they discovered that Metro Man is actually ALIVE ! When Metro Man is discovered alive by Megamind and Roxanne, but uninterested in resuming his superhero duties, Megamind is forced to do the inevitable: become the hero of the crisis. Aided by his childhood, fish-like sidekick Minion , Megamind sets off to stop Tighten. And in the end , he success and becoming the new Hero of Metro City .

The movie is quite nice and fill with funny act . Worth watching , too bad i watch it in 2D , perhaps would be nicer if you watch it in 3D !

I'll give 6/10 for this movie :D


  1. wooo... gonna watch this then.. :)

  2. Shirleen : yes yes , u should go and watch ! have u watch "you again?" must watch too if u are comedy lover ! :D