Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st time Heart Pain ! Deeply Hurt !

Its been so long since my last posting , and mainly bout movies and screening ...
This time . the posting would be my pain .

1st of all , i have to pray and curse those who cause my pain ! ( may you stay in hell )

The scars of my car :(
It happened when i collect my car at Berjaya Times Square parking .

This is the main scratch , where near the fuel cover , got another , sigh

Due to the scratch is too obvious , and i really cant stand to watch it each time i pass my passenger door , i decide to search in the internet car forum for solution . where i discover this Wax and Polish shop , in SS19 beside the new digital mall , named Posh Car Care ( www.poshcarcare.com )

Well , due to the damage , i have to spend RM 400 to have 5 steps Polish and wax service , using meguiars product . Took more than 4 hours to make is as perfect as possible ...
and the result ?!

Do note that this is not a mirror , its my car , and not because of polish it reflect like mirror , the original paint do have this kind of reflection . The result is nice where i hardly can see the scratch ( except if you know what you are looking for ) , but i think the polish result is So-So only . Next i have to find way to remove the watermark on my car mirror pulak .

Oh ya , i do learn something from the shop though , do no drive behind a bus or lorry as they can easily send tiny rocks onto ur car body causing dent and scratches that cant be removed ( except re-paint ) , and choosing the right person to wash your car is important , as lousy car washer will create more scratches on your car , not to mention , a lousy washing solution will damage your car paint . Using the wrong windscreen washer could cause damage to the screen and your wiper ( such as Rain X ) . Well , that is for now , time to sleep . Good night .

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