Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well , its been so long since i blog bout something else than movie ( for Nuffnang contest :D ) cos there is nothing i feel interesting to blog with . Or perhaps , i become lazy to blog , lazy to go out . Especially when thing is not moving my way or going as it should be . Things been hard on me since the last April , barely hanging on . Mr luck is away or out of town , wondering when he'll come back by my side . For the past few months , all for me is to replace , restore , change the bad things / broken things away to functional things = money fly away . Apart from few malfunctional handphone parts , burned desktop motherboard , an "innocent" court case , lose laptop , work sales drop , tyre puncture , minor car scratchs etc , there is still abit luck with me . From getting free movie invites from Nuffnang till some consolation price from Microsoft SMS Craze contest , getting myself few MCD voucher , few Micro SD Card and Pendrive from few time sms questions .

Other rojak talk of mine would be asking everyone who pass by the Times Square Bridge ( which connect from times square - sg wang / imbi plaza ) to ignore all those illegal youngster who ask for donation or buy things ! IGNORE THEM PLEASE ! COS THEY ARE D*MN ANNOYING and RUDE ! Beside of not having the proper legal company for donation , i heard they used the rude words to scold those who stop listen buy didn't buy or pay the donation . they will stop infront of the ladies to stop them and im sure they scared alot of girls ! not to mention , they are there for 7days a week , whole month , for at least half year already . ( i know cos i need to pass there everyday for work ) i hope by having everyone " not paying their illegal salary " they have to stop one day to blocking the place .

Continue with , lately , i can see there is alot of "don't know guys or girls" everywhere around city area , in quite a wast number . Until sometime i don't know i should call the lady who dress 99% boys "sir , MR , or miss " . Don't know weather i should call those big size and 100% guys look who dress 99% girl dress with handbag and long hair "miss or ... " . The world is changing ... sigh ... P/S : totally my own feeling . nothing to do with discriminating anyone , group or trend . Totally complaining and talking to me , myself and i "

Last of all , there is alot of CACAT people now in the world . Cacat as in heart and mind , not body part . Let me explain . I call them CACAT all because lately i can see alot of people take Elevator just for one floor causing the elevator ( better known as LIFT ) stop every single floor !!! @#$%^&*
Ok , i forgive you if some were pushing stock trolley / baby trolley but there is alot , i repeat , THERE IS ALOT OF YOU OUT THERE , who just can't take escalator and have to step in LIFT to go UP/DOWN just for one floor causing the lift JAM !!! some even willing to wait 10 - 20 minutes to go down 1 floor ! GOD help this people . seen alot at times square 4 lift side , where people wait more than 5minutes from 1st floor go down Ground Floor ! d*MN ! Not to mention those in Plaza Low Yat ! Most funniest lift event i saw , this pakistan , pushing trolley , entering from 2nd floor pushing 2nd floor button ! FCUK !

So you , yes you , exercise abit , don't be cacat all the time , take the escalator if you just want to move up/down one floor . ( i do understand and forgive you if you are new to the place and not familiar with the mall ) . To those who always think of "malas" and wait lift to go up/down 1 floor where escalator is only few steps away , GOD BLESS YOU !

Well , that is all in my mind for tonight . Just hope things will be better tomorrow , and wish everyone will be nice and think smartly ( don't support those illegal ) , and also not being cacat ( slowing the lift down ) .

Good night and wish all you good luck :D


  1. owh yea,lift stoping every floor is super annoying. tat is why i always think, no matter you are at which floor, escalator will be much faster.

  2. xin : haha ... yaya , especially when the lift's door open n close in slow speed !
    yen : haha ... im very cold already :P