Monday, September 20, 2010

Car Care Tips

Did You Know ?!

-You should accelerate slowly upon start-up as most engine wear happen in the first 5minutes . This help to keep the engine long lasting .
-By washing your car every 10days helps protect the paint
-For maximum tyre lifespan , swap front tyres with the back one at every 10,000KM .
-Change your tyre after 3 years as recommended by tyre manufacturers . Do remember , your tyre is the only thing that is in contact with the road between your car .
-Spark plugs should be checked every 8,000 to 10,000KM and should be replaced after every 20,000/40,000 for conventional nickel spark plugs or 100,000KM for Iridium spark plugs .
-Servicing your aircon compressor every 20,000KM to ensure your aircon compressor is clean and good running conditions as its expensive to replace your broken compressor .
- Waxing your car around 3 to 4 times in a year can protect your car paint shining , as well as covering minor scratches .
-Avoid sudden acceleration or heavy braking during driving to save on fuel consumption , especially during traffic jam .
-Check your tyre pressure once a week to make sure on better traction , protects from wear and tear , as specially for better in handling and save fuel .

Those are my 2cent of tips and i hope it can help :D
Will share more in the future :)

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