Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vampire Suck Screening

Hello everyone , another funny movie is in town .
Vampire Suck !
If you are a fans of Scary Movies , this is the movie for you ! :D

Directed By : Jason Friedberg , Aaron Seltzer
Written By : Jason Friedberg , Aaron Seltzer
Cast : Matt Lanter , Chris Riggi , Ken Jeong , Jenn Proske
Genre : Comedy

Plot Outline :

Its about a spoof of Vampire-themed Movies ( similiar like twilight ) , where teenager Becca finds herself in between two boys ( vampire and chihuahua ) . Alot of funny dramas ( even alice and black eyes peas is inside ) and all comes to a head at their prom .

And thanks again to NuffNang , i was able to catch this movie FREE at 1U GSC .

Here is some of the picture of the movie

Remind you of some movie ?!

Guess Who ?!

The hairyguy ...

Basically , for me its a no meaning movie , sure look like Scary movies but worth a laugh .
For me , if you need some "mou lei tau" laugh , this is the movie to watch :P
I'll give 5 out of 10 for this movie .

So be sure to go and see how the " Vampires Suck " in cinema near you :D


  1. I've always wanted to watch Vampires Suck! cuz i don't like twilight XD
    but every review seems to say it's ok-ok

  2. tammie : thanks for dropping by . yup , the movie is so so only but better than tekken or storm warrior lor ... LOL