Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last Airbender Movie

Just came back from Mid Valley yesterday night for movie , The Last Airbender .
It was a great movie , didn't expect much for this movie , but it is surprising nice .
For most who have watch this , some might heard the similiar word ... AVATAR !

This is the AVATAR which alot would know . " I See You " LOL

But honestly , when this Avatar ( blue face ) come out ... i thought it was the Airbender's Avatar but once i saw the picture , it is only a different movie with same name . :P
Perhaps this is one of the reason it is called "The Last Airbender" ( where the original anime is , Avatar - The Last Airbender )

Some might not know , that this movie come with cartoon , books and games . I've watch the cartoon ( or anime ) , and im sure this movie will have second and third episode . Originally this movie comes with three book , Water , Earth and Fire which contain the stories of how Aang managed to control the other 3 element .

In every Avatar's life , he / she is the only person who is capable of bending all four elements , and when an Avatar dies , he / she will be reborn in to next Element Nation Cycle .
And , Avatar also serves as bridge between the world and the spiritual world , the only person who is able to communicate with spirits and solving problems that normal people could not .

The 1st chapter ( Or book ) is named Water , which talks about the 12 years old Aang ( avatar ) was lost in action in more than 100years ago because he was caught in a fierce storm when try to flee from home along with his flying bison named APPA which crash them into ocean and in order to keep them alive , Aang created an iceberg ( in Avatar State ) and being freeze inside until he was awaken by katara and her brother Sokka in the middle of the war time of Fire Country with other elements ( Which is Wind , Water , Earth and Fire ) . Because of him ( avatar ) disappeared more than 100 years , Fire country begin to take control of other country with the huge metal war machine to win all other nation's bender .
The three travels to Northern Water Tribe in order to help Aang and Katara learn Water Bending and during the journey , Aang and the two travels to the Southern Air Temple , where he discover that the Fire country has wiped out the Air Nomad in order to make sure the world domination by Country wont be disturbed by the Avatar as they know the next Avatar will be born in Air Nomad . Ironically , Aang is the Avatar and the only Air Nomad which is still alive .

During their journey to the Northern Water Tribe , the were being pursued by the banished prince of the fire country , the Prince Zuko , the exiled son of Fire Lord Ozai , who can only return home to the fire country and reclaim his honor by capturing the Avatar . Zuko travels with his uncle Iroh , a legendary Fire Nation General and the older brother of Ozai .
The Trio also managed to free and make the captured Earth bender fight for themselves in pride during the journey , giving alot of people hope for future peace .

Northern Water Tribe is the tribe which is able to defend against Fire Country's attack and managed to continue learn Water Bending openly freely , all because they were protected by the Spirits of The Sea and Moon which gives them great power once the night come .
In order to be successful in capturing the Northern Water Tribe , the admiral Zhao who leads the Fire Nation assault kill the Spirits of Moon . while they think they have win , the princess of the Water Tribe , which was giving life and been bless by the Moon Spirits , return back her life to the Moon Spirit in order to keep the balance of the world . And which the help of the Avatar and set on the Avatar State , helps to repel the attack of the Fire Country .

The Avatar State .

This is the Water Scrolls .

The following chapter will be the Earth .

So i'll wait for the Movie in Earth chapter ... hope it wont be long .

She will be the teacher who teach Avatar ... and they will travel together in their journey :D

For me , it is worth watching ..... and the graphic is nice ... looks real .......
For this movie i would give 8/10 .
And for those who haven't catch this movie , faster go to the nearest Cinema and watch this . :D

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