Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tekken Screening

Yesterday ( wed ) i went to Tropicana City Mall for the Tekken Movie Screening thanks to Nuffnang .

It was my first time to be in tropicana city mall , too bad i was abit late due to jam so there's not enough time for me to walk around . only managed to grab my dinner at a taiwan food shop near the GSC Cinema .

This movie is about the future earth in chaos due to the fall of the government . and the world is in war and was fight amongst the private company and it was devided into 8 different company to control ... and the most powerful company amongst those 8 was Tekken .

Tekken was under the control of heihachi mishima , held a tournament named Iron Fist . It was a battle of 8 different competitors , mostly from the different 8 company , to proves their power .

For the main character Jin Kazama , was actually an amature from Anvil ( deserted side of Tekken City ) was force to join the competition , just because wanting to have revenge for his mother's death . Being train by his mother ( who is an Iron Fist Fighter too ) since young , Jin managed to overpower his opponent Marshall Law and become "The People's Choice" .

From there ... things start to become messy , and Jin soon meet his father which he has never meet or know , plus discover more untold stories and secret of his identity .

want to know how Jin finally become the People's Champion and walk away with Iron Fist Champion ?! be sure to go and catch this movie :P

Here is some of my personal opinion about this movie .
I played this game before ... so , knew some of the character in this movie .....
I felt that this movie can't give me the Tekken's Power feel , not to mention , it is not same with the game .

as in character ...... 1st failure would be the Marshall Law Character .
Marshall Law in the game ... moves around and jumps around like Bruce Lee style ... the ONE in the movie , is just a normal guy , don't have any Marshall Law-ness at all , a normal fighting guy wearing same pants as Marshall Law .

Then the noticeable Jack . well , jack ( or jackhammer ) suppose to be JACK , or Prototype Jack , which is quite huge compare with the jack in the movie .....

Basically , this movie can watch but just don't expect much out of it .
For those who is not familiar with this movie , will find this movie abit confusing at 1st .

Im not good with rating , but i will give 4/10 for this movie .