Sunday, August 9, 2009

Parking fee for a free parking space ??!?!

just came back from old town taman midah ...... i guess everyone should know which oldtown ....
feel funny and WTF today ....... normally ..... all the parking place there is FOC . i mean , park at your own risk and its free . today i was suprise where there is actually few indians who come and collect parking fees . RM 3 they charge you for the free space . i was like , what the , since when it become a paid parking place ?! then the indian stunned awhile then reply , bla bla bla , banyak complain from DBKL bout parking and now need take fees RM 3 . i was like , fuck , i never pay for the parking there . but then since i park quit far from the old town , i don't want to risk my car for RM 3 so terpaksa pay la .... but im sure they can give no resit for it if i ask .
well , i guess i will boycott oldtown taman midah and move to another place where parking is reasonable . and i hope someone can teach me how to make complain to DBKL or anyone who should responsible for it as im 100% sure they are collecting parking illegally and no resit or what so ever things issued !

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