Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poppy - 25 / 04 / 09

Hello ... now here is the "tomorrow" post that im suppose to continue ... .lol
A day after the clubbing trip to poppy garden .... we , return ... hahaha ... the nite is not as fun as yesterday , because its hot , pack with people and not much members join ...
This posting start with my pic with sue ...

Me with Jo ...
Yes ... him again , with jo , sue and kelvin
Me with 2 half peace finger
Sue sue with kelvin
Erm ... "fat hau "???
The man of the nite ...
Adrian and sue
The lady
Jo jo , me , and sue sue
Sue and adrian...
Cute Jo and adrian ... ( Adrian look very hot ... lol )
The Poppy VIP VS Poppy VIP . lo

Drunk or not ?! Shake it shake it boom boom
Enjoying ... dancing ... Drunk-in with the pillar....
The Alcohol start kickin
Here is the upclose picture of MR J A.K.A 1 An a Half Cup ... lol
the party ends around 3 a.m , amazing things is that there is still half a bottle of chivas left and for the 1st time out of many many years of clubbing ..... we can actually keep the bottle ... YEAY !!!!! ( Jumping up and down with the hands in the ayer ... )
And as usual ... we end up at steven corner ... YUM CHA .. haha .. then deliver the ladies back . lol . stay tune for more actions .... :P

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