Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poppy - 24 / 4 / 2009

Well .. here is another posting of my clubbing activities .... suddenly feel like back to old days ... club club club ... hahaha . This is taken at poppy ...
Well ... as usual ... less talk ..... more picture ....

From Left : Sue , Hanna montana , Adrian Lim

Priss , Joyz , Lucky Man . lol

Pavy and Adrian

Sue And Adrian

Sue And Patrick

The Little Evil Devil

Adrian And Tammy

Adrian And Hanna ...

Me And Sue

Hanna , Adrian and Dom

Hanna And Adrian ( Feeling Boring To Keep Seeing Him ? )

The Dancing Queen ....

Sue And Pavy

Adrian And Stephy

Stephy And Me ... ( She Got The Same Expression ... lol )

The Ladies ....

Me and Pavy

Pavy And Patrick

Cute Sue ..

The Usual guy with the sexy lady ...

So ... i also wont simply lose to that "always in the pic guy" lol

Such A Lucky Lady ..

This is .... ( The Finger Says it all ... )

Poor Sue ...

Hugging is the second thing to do after the dancing in the club ...

Pat , Hanna and me

Hanna Montana and Adrian

Evil devil angel

hanna , pat and devil

D-evil , mr PR and Poor little hanna

Now .. here is the 10 wonder picture of the day ....
Clue : Her feet !

Well... since adrian the mr PR keep appearing on all the pic in all occassion ... i have figure out my own way to challenge him and to stay in the picture ........ and ...... you are looking at it . lol

Well ... this wraps up for this clubbing posting ... will be continue with tomorrow's clubbing posting .... lol

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