Saturday, March 28, 2009

60 Earth Hour - Malaysia ( 2ND Part )

well .. here is the 2nd part of the 60 EARTH HOUR LOW YAT version

since im still working at 8.30 - 9.30 during the earth hour , i can't get away to have a look outside how the people support this event ..... and me , just like most of the people think that it's impossible to do this in a totally covered plaza , but it proves that im wrong , as it doesnt stop the people in the plaza to play their part in supporting the fight for global warming . here is some of the proves .

Pro Active closing most of the light

even thought the light is off ... business is still going as usual .

Even the counter beside me .

Winchance do the same as well ...

Atom at 2nd floor also do the same .
This all proves that ... where there is a will , there is a way ............ ( even though low yat plaza didn't show any support la )


  1. y din support 60 earth hours...
    i see stil got lights...

  2. well ... some light cant be turn off ... later become havoc ... lol

  3. LOL...
    still as crazy as before...
    got 2 gals look like japs ler...

  4. haha ... do u mean the quatro ? wrong comment leh ... lol .... if u wan can join geh ?