Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Farewell Dinner Party

This Will be my 2nd post ........

starting with some of the things and people i encounter

erm ... this will be the bye bye dinner with our friend ... mandy A.K.A Shu Tau Poh

Few of drive to yulek restaurant after work on 20 / 03 / 2009 to give a farewell dinner ( or party with nothing to enjoy beside food ) to our friend mandy , reach there around 10pm ++ ( didn't check the time )

nothing really special there ..... just normal chinese food .... chit chat and jokes ....

so ... as most of the gathering will do after the food time ... Picture Time !

Our Geng That Nite ( Not Forget Our Mickey Mouse Who is the photographer )

Zau Tut Pic Of Adrian

Yeay ! Peace !

Me And Shu Tau Poh Behind .

Adrian With Shu Tau Poh

YES ... Is Her Again , With Mickey Mouse

With Eric

With Eric's Wife

With Low Yat Hamsup Lou ! LOL !

With Our Favourite MR J

Not Long after the photography session ... heavy rain hit us ... delaying us from going back ....

Dinner end around 12am++ ( If Im Not mistaken )

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