Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hennessy Artistry - MIECC

23OCT 2010 , one of the biggest event i went this year , Hennessy Artistry in MIECC , thanks to Chloe for giving me the invites :)

I reached there around 9PM , easy to find parking space in the convention center .
Straight away meet up with Chloe and Shinn Leng :D

Here is the DJ booth where you can try to mix your own remix :D

The Art of Mixing :D

This is one of my favourite artistry event as the glass never empty on the bar :P

The big stage

Kardinal Offshall

Well , since the i'm in Zone S and most of my friends is in Zone O , i was abit lonely there , but luckily Hui Wen and Emeryn were there too .... :D

Mr Tang tang tang tang ...

And it was a great night where i meet some new friends too ....

Charan and me ( a.k.a sing ) who speak fluent cantonese !

The friendly guy Mr Jay :D

And the tall Amanda

It was a great party , where i nearly K.O-ed with all the Freeflow ... the party ends quite early , around 2AM , but to make sure we are sober and safe enough to drive , we all went to south city plaza for a mamak session before going home ...

Artistry Rocksss !

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